The Sydney group’s track also debuted on top of the Australian charts. 

Only three other Aussie groups have entered the British tally at the top and the last of them was 13 years ago. Pharrell’s peppy Oscar-nominated track had been No 1 for 11 weeks. 

Naturally, the act’s social media outlets went bananas after their place was revealed. 

“I actually cried of happiness today when I found out,” drummer Ashton Irwin posted on Twitter.

“Wow. Actually speechless. Can’t actually put how I feel into words. I love you guys so much. Best thing that’s ever happens to me,” bassist Calum Hoods wrote. 

For those not famiiiar with the teen sensations, 5 Seconds got their break supporting One Direction on their world tour last year. 

Their point of difference to the British chart-toppers is they actually play instruments. 

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