Hundreds of dogs dressed up in various 1920s inspired attire were made up by celebrity dog groomer, Jorge Bendersky (yes that IS a job, apparently).

‘It’s just. . .makes them happy. When the dog is happy, the dog is happy to do anything that you want him to do,’ Bendersky said of the animals wearing his creations.

The dog fashion event was part of a charity event raising money for local New York City animal shelters.

‘If he sees you all happy and excited because you’re going to go out, he’s going to be excited about going out with you. So today, that’s what we do. We give them a lot of love. Everything we’re doing today, all the glamour is to show that New York cares about less fortunate dogs.’

Sophie – the Pomeranian bitch in blue – made waves in a custom designed doggy gown worth $US14,000.

As with any good fashion event though not everything went smoothly, there were nervous moments; there was the odd technical malfunction and quite a lot of things were masticated and then regurgitated… But that’s pretty much par for the course in the world of high end fashion.