Blake has been sporting a $500,000 custom-made Richard Mille tourbillon watch which may be in contravention of the heinously strict London 2012 Olympics branding guidelines.

The International Olympic Committee is now looking into the matter and Blake could find himself with a slap, as well as a watch, on his wrist.

Spectators had noticed the 22-year-old Jamaican’s flashy watch and commented on his decision to wear such an expensive piece of jewellery as he sweats his way around the Olympic stadium running track.

%TNT Magazine% blake watch
Here’s a closer look at the offending watch

The custom-made Richard Mille tourbillon watch, in the colours of the Jamaican flag, may not fit with guidelines that prevent athletes promoting any brands other than the London 2012 Olympic sponsors.

If athletes want to wear a watch to compete, they are expected to choose Omega, official ‘timepiece’ sponsors of the London Games.

Blake wore the watch in the 100 meters and qualified for the finals, which were won by fellow Jamaican Usain Bolt.

His focus is now on the 200m final tomorrow night.

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Yohan Blake, Usain Bolt and The Watch after the 100m sprint

Although Blake and Blot are friends, there is still a strong element of competition between them but Blake has been quick to play down his hopes of beating the fastest man on earth.

“I’m not really focusing on beating him,” said Blake. “I’m concentrating on running my race. My plan is just to execute. I’m going great and I’ve already got a silver medal.”

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