This gastronomic gadget keeps the world at arm’s length when you need it most, enabling you to let it all hang out freely at home without needing to grab a T-shirt to answer the door – only then to be given that disapproving look by a 16-year-old pizza delivery boy.

All we want is to receive our takeaway deliveries in peace, without facing the outside world, and finally that is possible.

The device from JUST EAT allows your takeaway to be passed through your door without you having to answer it – genius. When the delivery driver arrives, he just rings the doorbell and pops your food through a little mini door at the foot of your front door – a bit like a cat flap.

Arguably, the sustained embarassment of having a special door built in specifically for takeaways outweighs the 30-seconds of red face when you open the door, but maybe that’s just us…

Currently in prototype stage, it comes on the back of consumer demand on social media and the fact that 74% of JUST EAT customers claim to have been caught unawares and embarrassed by what they are wearing when answering the door to the delivery driver.

The alternative is to remember you ordered a takeaway and keep your clothes on for a few minutes until the delivery arrives… But we understand just too well that when waiting for your fish and chips, the urge to throw on your favourite S-Club PJs or go au naturelle can get too much.

The Nosh Knocker fits 82% of standard takeaways and includes features such as a doorbell that plays your favourite takeaway-inspired tunes, wipe clean technology for enhanced hygiene, an advanced illumination interface as well as being fully lockable.

It’s still in its infancy stages, and consumers are encouraged to visit now to register their interest to put this prized portal into production.

Just picture that streamlined takeaway-to-sofa experience with no need for any human contact….ah bliss…