Call of nature

Swim with seals or dolphins, watch albatross and take in sperm whales spouting off in Kaikoura.

Ice, ice baby

Take a day’s hike on one of the west coast glaciers and get happily lost in the incredible ice kingdom.

Jump off stuff

Go bungee in the country that created it. Suspended above a canyon, the 143m Nevis Bungee is particularly pant-ruining.

Climb Mount Doom

Scenes from the Lord Of The Rings movies were filmed in the apocalyptic volcanic landscape of Tongariro National Park.

Sounds spectacular

Take an overnight boat cruise into the mysterious, mist-heavy fjords of Milford or Doubtful Sound.

Meet the Maori

Hear their sories, partake in their customs and visit their ornate wooden meeting houses (marae).

Drink it in

Visit windy Wellington, the country’s capital and cultural centre, and kick back in cosy cafés, smart bars and cool museums.

Hold your nose

Experience the thermal spas, gushing geysers and otherworldly smells of Rotorua.

Tramp it up

New Zealand has many well-maintained walking tracks that take you in and among absurdly wondrous scenery.

Find the precious

Do one of the many Lord Of The Rings tours and see the sites for Isengard, Edoras and Rivendell, go inside a Hobbit hole or brandish Sting.