Sol3 Mio is made up of two tenor brothers, Pene and Amitai Pati, and their baritone cousin Moses Mackay.

The Samoan New Zealand trio are very quickly establishing an international reputation, as their eponymous album went platinum in just six weeks in New Zealand, making it the biggest-selling album of last year and overtaking New Zealand’s biggest musical export of 2013, Lorde.

Happily, Sol3 Mio also kept One Direction and Susan Boyle off their usual No.1 position in the charts. We’re fans already.

Their gift for entertainment was obvious from a young age; as children, the brothers gave weekly performances in rest homes to the delight of the residents.

It was when Pene had been selected to attend the prestigious Wales International Academy of Voice that the three boys first performed together as a trio, at his farewell gathering in a cafe. An audience member piped up and suggested they form a group. They initially laughed at the suggestion until the idea took hold, and Sol3 Mio was born.

Within a year, all three had been individually chosen to go to Wales for tuition at the exclusive opera school: an awesome opportunity, but one that came with the combined cost of over NZ$100,000. So, Sol3 Mio launched a series of fundraisers which took them from schools to town halls, winning rave reviews.

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