It is alleged that Turner’s parent’s helped cover up the murder, including hiding evidence from police.

Winchester Crown Court heard Turner, 20, “went absolutely nuts” in a fit of rage over suspicions Longley was “twisting his heart”, local paper the Bournemouth Echo reported.

Turner told police he and Longley had argued the night before and she had attacked him, and that when he woke up beside her she was dead.

When police came to arrest him, his bags were packed and his passport was in his pocket, the court heard.

It was alleged his father Leigh Turner created a diversion for police, by dropping his tablets on the floor, while mother Anita r removed her son’s jacket from the bedroom.

The court heard that in the weeks after the alleged murder, police bugging tapes which had been placed through the Turner’s Bournemouth house had allegedly recorded the pair saying they had destroyed a letter that Elliot Turner had written.

Leigh Turner was alleged to have said: “Elliot f—ing strangled her.”

The court also heard that Leigh Turner stated: “I cannot tell them [the police] about the letter I destroyed by bleach saying he [Elliot Turner] killed her but he didn’t mean it.”

Earlier he had allegedly said: “We have perverted the course of justice by destroying evidence.”

But Anita Turner was heard to say they had been right to do it, the court heard.