A plane crash in Pakistan has killed all 152 passengers, it has been confirmed.

So far, only 50 bodies have been recovered from the site of the plane crash which happened yesterday in the hills surrounding Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.

Imtiaz Elahi, the chairman of Pakistan’s Capital Development Authority, said that earlier reports of five survivors from the crash were false and that all aboard were killed.

Local TV footage in Pakistan showed twisted metal wreckage in trees and scattered across the ground as fire and smoke rose from the scene of the plane crash.

“I’m seeing only body parts,” Dawar Adnan, a rescue worker with the Pakistan Red Crescent, told The Associated Press by telephone from the crash site. “This is a very horrible scene. We have scanned almost all the area, but there is no chance of any more survivors.”

The cause of the Airblue plane crash is not yet clear. It attempted to land in rainy and cloudy conditions.

Pervez George, a civil aviation official, said: “The plane was about to land at Islamabad airport when it lost contact with the control tower, and later we learned that the plane had crashed.”

An investigation into the plane crash will be launched.