Angela Ryan, a keeper, said “Not everything can be weighed but anything that can be trained, from camels to birds, aardvarks to armadillos, we are trying to get weighed,” reported the Mirror.

 %TNT Magazine% london zoo tiger

Armed with a giant measuring tape, a ladder and chunk of horsemeat, keeper Paul Kybett managed to entice Jae Jae, the Sumatran tiger, to stretch to his full height of 6ft 6in.

But he said Jae Jae was a lot easier to handle than his female friend, Melati.

He said: “She is nervy and will keep away from you. She is difficult to get on to the scales and, although we have achieved that, we haven’t been able to measure her length.”

 %TNT Magazine% london zoo camel

Noemie, the two-humped camel, had lost weight since last year but still weighed in at a colossal 98 stone.

 %TNT Magazine% london zoo frog

All creatures great and small. This waxy monkey frog hopped onto the scales and weighed in at just 40 grams.

 %TNT Magazine% london zoo owl

Striking a pose. Alberta the tawny owl seems unphased by the weigh in.

 %TNT Magazine% london zoo tamandua

They say bribery will get you nowhere, but in this case they’re wrong. Reluctant Tammy, the South American tamandua, weighed in at 6.8 kilograms.

 %TNT Magazine% london zoo snail

With no quick get getaway, this giant African land snail topped the scales at 500 grams.

The height and mass of every animal, of which there are over 16,000, has to be recorded for the Zoological Information System. The database is used by zoologist to compare information on thousands of endangered species. 


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