Clean eating is the hot new food trend. And it’s not just the Hemsley sisters and Ella ‘Deliciously’ Woodward who are at it. If your Facebook and Instagram feeds are anything like those of the TNT team, it seems as though the whole country has gone clean eating crazy…

But here at TNT Towers, we’ve had enough of kale and courgettes (life is too short to exist solely on vegetables, right?). Which is why we’re thrilled that one of our favourite London pizza places – say hello to Covent Garden’s Homeslice – has opened a second site over on Wells Street.

With exposed-brick walls and a charming blue banquettes, the new Fitzrovia restaurant is quite a beauty. Make no mistake: just being in Homeslice – with its show stopping wood fired pizza oven  – makes you feel better.

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After a drink in the basement bar, we grabbed a seat in the ground floor restaurant and perused the crowd-pleasing menu of pizza. Innovative options like Calabrian peppers, chervil and Lincolnshire poacher, Salami, rocket and parmesan and Chorizo, corn and coriander feature alongside the classics (Margherita et al) but it was the Courgette and artichoke and Aubergine, Cauliflower cheese, spinach and Harissa offerings that caught our eye…

After much umming and ahing, we were still unable to decide on our topping. Happily our waitress, Holly, was on hand to advise that it was possible to choose more than one topping for our 20 inch (yes really) pizza. Result.

Our 50/50 certainly hit the spot and proved one of the best pizzas we’ve tasted. The garlic crust was very good – crispy around the edge, thin and chewy in the middle and chock full of good tasting seasonal ingredients (we hoovered up the artichoke).

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For pizza fares, prices perhaps aren’t the lowest in town but portions are enormous – and we mean enormous –  plus you get bags of atmosphere that you won’t find in the chain gang.

TNT’s verdict? Owing to its fun surroundings, friendly staff and fabulous pizzas, Homeslice Wells Street has the potential to be something special and is worth remembering should you find yourself in Fitzrovia.

Homeslice Pizza, 52 Wells Street, London, W11 3PR (020 3151 9273;

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