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Hannah Brown at 1st Contact answers your questions about finances, tax and visas.

Q. I’m an Australian who has worked in the UK since July 2009. I really want to get my tax back before my summer travels. I’ve heard that you need certain documents and that you have to contact someone to do this (the tax office?) Am I better off waiting until I am finished working in the UK next year (about May) and get it all back in one go?

A. You will be able to make a claim now for the tax you’ve overpaid while working from July last year to April 5, and also claim when you leave the UK for good for the period April 6 until the date you leave.

Alternatively, you could wait and make one final claim when you are ready to leave the UK, but this would not affect the refund amount.

The average claim takes eight to 12 weeks, dependent on which office your claim is submitted to and the personal circumstances of your claim.

The documents required are as follows: you will need a P45 from every company you’ve worked for during the past tax year and a P60. You can make your claim directly with HMRC or you can use an agent such as 1st Contact.

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