Foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop revised the previous toll of 27 late last week.

Nine of the passengers are believed to be from Queensland, nine are from Victoria, seven are from Western Australia, one from the ACT and one from New South Wales. It is currently not known where the 28th victim was from.

Confirming the victims from his state on Friday, Queensland premier Campbell Newman was visibly upset.

“Today, as far as I’m concerned, is about families, friends and communities of Queensland that are affected,” he said.

Former prime minister Julia Gillard tweeted: ‘Heartbreaking news on the shooting down of MH17. My condolences to the many bereaved families here at home and worldwide,’ and prime minister Tony Abbott has confirmed that there will be a national day of mourning to coincide with a national commemorative service once all the families of the victims have been spoken to.

Chief Minister Adam Giles said: “This is truly reprehensible and unspeakable criminal act and on behalf of all Territorians, I wish to express my condolences to all the families and friends of the victims, particularly the Territory families involved.”

All 298 people on board were killed.

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