The brilliant geeks at Pixar have never made a bad film.

It’s an astonishing batting average, which continues with Up, perhaps the animation studio’s funniest and most moving offering to date.

As always, Pixar has created a protagonist who’s easy to root for. Grumpy old man Carl Fredricksen  finds himself living alone in a big house after his wife passes away.

Tragically, Carl lost the love of his life before they could undertake a dream trip to Paradise Falls in South America.

When developers put pressure on the geriatric to move into a retirement home, he straps balloons to the roof of his house and flies off to the falls.

Accidentally going along for the ride is munchkin Russell, who is on the porch when the house takes off. The pair’s subsequent adventures are pure magic as they encounter an enormous flightless bird, talking dogs and an enemy who is determined to bring them back down to earth.

With director Pete Docter finding the right balance between pitch perfect gags and touching moments – including a montage of Carl and his wife’s life, which will move you to tears – Up sets the bar high when it comes to animated films.

Good for: Everyone, whether you’re Russell’s age or Carl’s.