Anchorman Brian Niznansky looked mortified after realising he had just said the words “I love lamp” live on air.

Reading off the teleprompter, the local NBC channel WGBA meteorologist told viewers: “In other news, I love lamp…err…”

His co-anchor immediately burst into laughter, saying: “Oh my God, he totally fell for it.”

“Brian will read anything put on the teleprompter and that is just proof right there.”

The gag was taken from the movie Anchorman, in which Will Ferrell’s character Ron Burgundy is tricked into saying weird things that are written on the teleprompter.

In one Anchorman scene, Brick Tamland, played by Steve Carell, starts saying he loves random things in the office including a confession of his love for the light fittings.

To his credit, Niznansky quickly regained his composure and was able to laugh about the incident, tweeting: “Director Nik just put ‘I love lamp’ in the teleprompter… and yes I read it. #anchorman.”

And here’s the ‘I love lamp’ clip from Anchorman