As the night kicks off and the band starts to play, seasoned swing dancing couples are the first to start flaunting their moves with jumps, splits, and dips. However, it doesn’t take much time, or too many drinks, before the rest of the club joins them on the dance floor to show off their best worst impressions of what dancing in the 1920s probably looked like.  

The music alternates between live bands and DJs, who play all sorts or tunes from swing classics to jazzed-up chart hits that will have you caught up in some twerking foxtrot of Uptown Funk. Men are dressed in suits and hats, and women in everything fur, fringed, and feathered. The classic decor, as well as the evening’s cabaret shows and small performances, all tie in to the prohibition speak-easy theme (including prohibition priced drinks at the bar).  Being a ticketed event with a lavish dress code, it’s unlikely to find people who are already out for the night joining on a whim. You can see the difference when everyone attending is there to get caught up in the atmosphere and have a dance, which translates to a genuinely enjoyable night out.

 The next White Mink club nights are in October and December, so for those who find the prospect of going clubbing on a Friday night cringe-worthy, try something new and head down for this fantastically fun night that will stand out as one to remember.