Children’s charity, Dreams Come True, is calling for everyone – no matter what their running ability – to join Rob Young, the man dubbed Marathon Man UK, on Boxing Day as he continues his quest to run at least one marathon a day for a year to raise funds for children’s charities.

Makes you feel a little guilty for eating all those mince pies doesn’t it?

Even if you have the slightly less ambitious goal of running one marathon in a year – or even your lifetime – this sure looks like it’d be a fun one to take part in.

Hundreds of people will be attending the event for some action and fresh air after Christmas and there will be a variety of refreshments provided.

If you really can’t be bothered to run, you can even hop on your bike. Yep, that’s right – in order to open the event to as wide and diverse a crowd as possible you can even cycle the 26 miles or so, or just part of it.

Sue Fowler, Fundraising Manager, Dreams Come True said: “From the very beginning, Rob has been crying out for people to run or cycle beside him on his daily marathons – partly to help relieve the monotony of his four to five hour daily runs. We wanted to go one step further and organise one very special day where hundreds of people can join Rob on his run to show their support for the unbelievable fundraising challenge he has set out to achieve.”

Rob Young had never actually run a marathon before he started his Marathon-a-day quest, so if you know you’re ready to give it a bash, then what more inspiration do you need?

Rob started his pursuit after hearing about all the good causes people were running for during London Marathon 2014. He now has the support of Mo Farah, Richard Branson and Coldplay, to name just a few.  

The 31 year old, kilt-wearing runner has now completed 233 marathons in 219 consecutive days – a total of 6399 miles – more than a flight from London to Japan.  He aims to finish his world-beating running feat at the London Marathon in April 2015 – where he will set off from Scotland, run all the way to London and then end his year-long endurance test at the London Marathon Finish Line.

Rob commented: “Boxing Day looks set to become a very special day for me and I am certainly looking forward to meeting as many people as I can that join me on my run. If I can inspire people to take up running and continue to raise significant funds to help children realise better lives, then that’s all the Christmas gifts I need.”

If people wants to support Rob, but can’t make the Boxing Day run, they can still  help fulfil children’s dreams by donating at:

Phew, it tires me out thinking about it, but luckily we still have a few weeks to mentally prepare and get training!