Gifts 2021

Celestial Cinema – Action Box

Bring a bit of cinema magic to your Christmas. The Celestial Cinema action box, is everything you need to have the ultimate movie night. With a mini LED Projector, 72″ cloth screen, MiraScreen HDMI device and sweets and popcorn too! All you need to really think about is which film you’re going to watch.

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Google Stadia

Gaming doesn’t need to break the bank! Join the cloud gaming revolution. No need for expensive consoles or high-powered gaming pc’s just the power of Google’s cloud and a decent internet connection. Google is trying hard to entice people onto it’s gaming platform, so keep an eye out for deals and offers.

Santa Vs Jesus

Now this is a pay-per-view fight I’d pay to watch! Your family and friends will fight it out to see who come up on top. My money’s on santa! This game is for 4 -16 players and is sure to get the family riled ready for a proper tear up by the end of the night! Just remember the team with the most believers, wins!

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Mr & Mrs, family edition

Whilst we’re instigating family conflicts, let’s get Uncle Dave in real trouble with Auntie Sheila by pitting him against her in a game of Mr & Mrs! Find out how well do you know your family or friends in this epic party game. Just be careful how candid you are, TNT holds no responsibility for any relationship breakdowns as a result of playing this game!

It’s Bananas!

If you’ve still got family and friends left after a few rounds of Mr & Mrs, why not really test the strength of your friendships with a game of It’s Bananas. I’m not sure if the strap on tail is compulsory, or you can bring your own hook…

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If your party trick is your ability to imitate the noise of an angry cow, then we may have found the perfect game for you. Turn up the silliness this Christmas!

Garmin Fenix 6 pro

The ultimate smartwatch for any sport or adventure lover. With a battery life measured in the weeks not days, market leading sports tracking and full regional mapping available regardless of your network coverage, this is more than just a watch! With an amazing colour screen which doesn’t require a backlight to display the time, it looks much more like a normal watch than other smartwatches on the market. It’s also built like a tank, so it should put up with whatever you throw at it.

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361° Camino wp

Perfect for the trail or any UK weather, the Camino WP are the perfect go anywhere trail shoe. With waterproof uppers and grippy soles for the ultimate traction. They won’t give up when the British weather kicks off!


Take the effort out of perfect windows with the WV6. I was a sceptic as to how this would make cleaning windows easier, but using it is a revelation. I now think that anything that has glass windows should come with one of these as standard, they are just so good.

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Kärcher CNS 18-30 chainsaw

Lightweight and man enough for pretty much any serious garden wood cutting, the battery powered chainsaw is a great piece of kit. It’s significantly quieter and lighter than an equivalent petrol saw and there’s no faffing around with 2-stoke mixes. Don’t be deceived by it’s quiet operation this is a really capable saw so make sure it’s handled appropriately, and always use protection!

Snugpak Jungle Hammock with Mosquito net

Ready for adventure! This hammock is the perfect partner for any micro adventure! Light and portable, it’s perfect for any short hike, or bike packing adventure, with a built in Mosquito net to keep the bugs out, all you need is to find two trees to hang it between!

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Kamado Joe Jr

Step up the grill game with the ultimate in outdoor cooking. Joe Jr is the smallest grill in the Kamado Joe range but still has the exceptional thermal qualities of it’s bigger brothers. Never eat dry rubbery meat ever again!

Masterbuilt Gravity Series™ 560 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker

BBQ’s needn’t be stressful! Take the guesswork out of charcoal cooking with the Masterbuilt Gravity series. With a digital temperature control this is as easy to use as a normal oven, but with all the great taste of a charcoal grill. Just full up the hopper, light it, and set the temperature you want and the rest will be done for you. Be the ultimate grill hero without all the stress and shame of burn’t undercooked food.

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CEP Mid Cut Merino hiking sock

Perfect partner to the trail shoes above, these merino blend socks are perfect for a long day out on the trail.

Anita air control deltapad Sports Bra

New year, new fitness regime! Maximum support and maximum airflow make this suitable for all types of sports activities.

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Nights in front of the campfire or wobbling around the festival site may feel like distant memories, but when it is time to come out to play the Hoodligan top is the perfect thing to wrap up in. Half sleeeping bag, half hoodie, this is a great way to stay warm.

PHD Life: vitamins and
food supplements

This new range from PHD brings nutrition into the day to day, not just as a performance enhancing sports supplement. With a huge range of supplements for bone health, immunity, nootropic stimulation and rest, these supplements are for life not just for sports.

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Yawns day & night caps

I would have given them the name ‘uppers’ and ‘downers’. These day and night supplements are perfect to help you rest well and then perform well during the day. The daytime capsules contain Guarana, Lions Mane, reishi and chaga. The night caps have ashwagandha and valerian root among other things.

Alphagreen CBD supplements

CBD is becoming more and more mainstream as cannabis (hemp) derived products lose their stigma. Alphagreen make high quality supplements with only the finest ingredients and effective cbd contents. The magic of hemp doesn’t stop there, with uses beyond supplements like the Ho Karan face and body oil.

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Holy Lama Soaps

Holy Lama Naturals’ luxurious natural handmade soaps are popular for their long-lasting fragrance. Made with virgin coconut oil and a unique blend of essential oils that will awaken the senses. Each soap is packed in a handmade shell made from the leaf of the areca palm tree. The perfect sustainable gift!

EPOS | Sennheiser Adapt 260

A great Bluetooth headset that works well in all sorts of applications. With flexible connectivity and Microsoft teams certification, these are the perfect partner for anyone spending more time in virtual meetings. The microphone stows away in the headband making it a decent pair of headphones too.With the ability to connect to two devices simultaneously this is the perfect hybrid headset

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Logitech MX keys

This is a worthwhile upgrade for anyone who spends a lot of time typing. With modern laptops, sacrificing key travel depth in order to cram more into less space. The typing experience is getting worse and worse. The MX Keys sets to resolve that with a quiet solid keyboard design with the ability to pair with up to three separate devices so regardless of using a Mac, Pc or tablet the MX keys will work well in all scenarios.

Mylee Gel polish starter kit

Everything you need to get started. Mylee’s Essentials Kit will equip you with everything you need to get started and have a stunning glossy gel manicure that will last for up to 3 weeks! This kit comes with a Pro LED Lamp with convex curing technology, top coat, base coat, 4 MyGel polish shades, lint free wipes, prep & wipe and gel remover.

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Rockbox bold x – fresh n rebel

A compact powerful bluetooth speaker soft to touch and covered in a waterproof material. Perfect for sounds on the move.

Give a Christmas gift that really counts this year

Forget all the stuff for a minute and we’d like to mention a lovely campaign run by Centrepoint, a charity focussed on helping young homeless people. This year you can donate a gift that will help a young person in dire need of a little human kindness, when they need it the most.

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