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Beer Hawk / perfectdraft

The Philips PerfectDraft machine coupled with the Beer Hawk  keg system makes for the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life. Keeping the 6L keg chilled to a perfect 3 degrees and dispensing the perfect pint after pint. With a massive selection of beer ranging from Brewdog to Leffe and everything in-between you can be sure to find something to suit.

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Burleighs Christmas Gin

This festive gin has notes of nutmeg, ginger, cloves and citrus and a warm fruity undertone having been soaked in red wine prior to distillation. The perfect Christmas tipple!

Bullards London dry gin

This award winning London Dry Gin from Norwich has gained much praise from experts and gin enthusiasts alike. With South American tonka Beans (we’d never heard of them either…) and notes of vanilla and marzipan, this is a great smooth gin that will suit any discerning gin lover.

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The London No. 1 Gin

The London no. 1 is a classic London dry gin. With hints of balsamic alongside scents of Juniper this is a great gin to drink when you want a good reliable refreshing gin. This gin really lives up to it’s name as it’s distilled in the heart of the city. At 47% it packs a punch too. It’s available in this lovely gift box which accentuates the blue colour of the gin with a light upbase.

The Botanist – Plant conservation edition

One of my favourite gins, for many years, has to be the The Botanist. It’s classic gin from the distant Isle in the Hebrides incorporates unique botanicals from it’s island home of Islay. If being one of the only B Corp certified distillaries in the world wasn’t enough, this special edition is giving back in the form of fundraising for urgent projects saving rare and endangered plants worldwide. Every bottle sold will donate £5.

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Hattiers Rum

This rum is perfect for sippers or swiggers alike as it’s happy served neat or with a mixer. Personally, I pair this with a good full bodied ginger beer, but goes down very nicely on it’s own too. Blended and bottled in Devon, with rums from the Caribbean and South America.

Beeble Honey Whiskey

Sticking with the best of British, we have this interesting blend of honey and Whiskey from Wiltshire. The honey provides a natural sweetness to this very drinkable tipple. Yum!

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Hattingley English
sparkling wine

There’s no risk of a Brexit debate at the dinner table this year, with another fabulous drink from Blighty. Let the French keep their sparkling wine along with their fish and give this fabulous wine a try. Perfect to get any festive get together started. Available direct from Hattingley Valley and Waitrose 

Pale fox Christmas Spritz kit

Another great party started is this special festive spritz cocktail set. With Pale Fox single estate prosecco, Bitter Amaro, Cranberry syrup, orange wheels and sparkling water, you can delight your guests with this festive treat.

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The ultimate Bloody Mary kit from Silver Circle Distillery

We have the first of our ultimate Bloody Mary contenders in this years guide. With the bold flavours from the Black Garlic Vodka and a special hot sauce from Parva Spices, this is a perfect combination for a feisty Bloody Mary.

Wasabi Company Bloody Mary kit

Let’s add a bit more fire! This Bloody Mary kit is going to take things to a whole new level with the gutsy Wasabi vodka and a selection of Japanese flavours to really add a kick to the party. The Wasabi Company grow their own Wasabi here in the UK and sell an outstanding selection of Asian delights alongside their fresh produce.

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Le Château de Sassy – Cidre & Calvados

These guys have been making cidre and calvados ince 1852 so they sure know what they are doing. Based in Normandy France, they aim to put the region back on the map for great cidre!

Lucano Amaro

One of the oldest Amaro bitters, and with a closely guarded secret recipe of 30 herbs with Hints of quinine and spearmint. Amaro is best served neat or over ice or as part of a cocktail and makes a mean Negroni or paired with Rum for the perfect Jungle Bird!

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Kentish Pip Cider

This craft cider from near Canterbury in Kent (thus the name) is bursting full of flavour and the perfect gift for any cider lover. With lots of options of mixed cases along with the featured gift tube ideal for sending in the post.

Villa Maria Pinot Noir,
Private bin

Villa Maria will need little introduction for any new world wine drinker. They are the benchmark for Marlborough Sauv Blanc’s and also make very pallatable red wine too. this Pino is no exception with big bold fruity flavours and deep oak and spice undertones.

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PepperBox Shiraz

Sticking with New World Wine, this Aussie Shiraz is the perfect red meat accompaniment. The name points to a pepper hit and this doesn’t disappoint. Well worth a try!

Luscombe Ginger beer

Moving into soft drinks now, this is a great place to start. Luscombe hot ginger beer is simply the best ginger beer I’ve ever tasted, although not for the feint hearted it packs a big punch. For those who don’t like quite as much fire they also do a cool ginger beer, which is still full of flavour but with not quite the same bite as it’s firey brother. Perfect pairing with Rum or to drink on it’s own.

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Luscombe damascene rose bubbly

Designated drivers and teetotallers fear not! In fact this tasty treat is good enough to quench the thirst of everyone. With flavours of rose, muscat grape juice and gently sparkling spring water this is a real treat for anyone abstaining from booze this Christmas.

Genie Kombucha drinks

Tasty drinks with fermented kombucha cultures rich in antioxidants and full of flavour. With apple, ginger and citrus flavours, there’s something for all tastes!

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Bounce Back Tropical

This new post social replenishment drink is the perfect pre bed drink to help your body cope with any over indulgence. With science and a blend of vitamins and amino acids to help take the sting out of the morning after and help your body replenish what you lost during the night before!

Wriggle merry little christmas hamper

Wriggle have reinvented the hamper with this lovely festive gift box. Crammed full of Christmassy flavours like gingerbread, sparkling wine, chocolate and cake from award-winning bakeries and chocolatiers.

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Eaten Alive hot sauce discovery box

This fermented hot sauce selection is sure to delight any condiment lover and heat freaks. With a flavour for all occasions, there is something for everyone here. There are no live cultures here, so expect a decent shelf life, the fermentation process during production adds a extra dimension to the flavour to make these sauces really stand out.

Clementina Cakes festive brownies

These festive Brownies will be a real hit with everyone this Christmas. Creamy caramelised chocolate and Lotus biscuit add a layer of decedance to these sweet treats!

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Jack and Beyond Christmas treats

London cake masters have a vast selection of sweet treats from decadent cakes to festive favourites like gingerbread and mince pies. We’ve never seen mince pies so fat and full of mincemeat!

Mon Dessert luxury desert kits

Expand your culinary talents with these impressive luxury desert kits from Mon Dessert. You’ll be whipping up treats like a professional in no time. This Cappuccino Crème Brûlée kit is sure to impress your guests!

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Meyer Ultra-durable frypan

We all probably need a new frying pan. The non-stick surface just doesn’t cut it any more, but we put up with it. Well suffer no more with this fabulous handy pan from Meyer. Super durable non stick is sure to keep your eggs in one piece or the skin on your sea bass!

Ozerlat Turkish coffee

If you’ve never tried a proper Turkish coffee, then you’re in for a real treat here. Forget the aero press or cafetière Turkish coffee is brewed at room temperature and generally left with the grounds in the cup. Expect a much higher caffeine hit from this brewing style too, so you’ll be bouncing off the walls!

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Owens Coffee

Devon roasters Owens take their coffee making very seriously, sustainable and fair trade guaranteed. With cutting edge roasting facilities extracting the optimal flavour from the roast and a choice of bean, course or fine ground options, you can be sure to get the right coffee for you.The Bantham is a great medium roast blend of South American and Indonesian beans. The Jabulani is a Rwandan single origin bean in association with the Twongerekawa Coko Cooperative, who are a mostly female cooperative from the high regions of the Gakenke District. The altitude and slow ripening results in a full flavour.

Pierre marcolini

Brussels chocolatier has some very festive treats with roasted hazelnuts, Quimper lace, cocoa nibs, Madagascar vanilla, nougat or old-fashioned. They are all rather yummy!

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El Rayo – no1 Plata Tequila

Most of my paths that lead to Tequila generally end with a few prayers to the porcelain gods, as it’s usually getting late in the night or (early in the morning) when the shots come out to play. El Rayo is an altogether more civilised drink, designed to be paired with Tonic (and a slice of Grapefruit if you’re wanting to push the boat out) Made from 100% Agave plant provides herbal and citrus notes perfect with a tonic water. If you like a navy strength gin, then you will probably get on with this too.