We look at the best kit to make your festival trip more luxurious for you and your mates.


Festival campsites can be miserable places if you’re not careful. I’m sure you know the feeling of waking up jaded from the night before in a bright, hot tent all dehydrated with your mouth crusted together. With our ultimate camping setup, all that will be a thing of the past, so stop slumming it and start doing it properly.

Let’s start off with the accommodation and we’ve got a great solution to dealing with the morning after. Coleman has brought blackout technology to their camping range offering you a cooler, darker place to sleep off the fun from the day before.

They offer a great range of tents with this blackout tech with various sizes, the one we’ve featured is big enough to sleep you and 4 of your mates with plenty of living space to chill out. It’s also ready for whatever weather gets thrown at it, and we all know how unpredictable the UK summer weather can be. Find out more about the Coleman range –  Tent’s haven’t really changed much in the last few years, but these new designs from Coleman are really groundbreaking, and well worth the investment.

So we’ve set up base camp now there are just a few luxuries that any self-respecting camper should also have.

First let’s get practical, and a decent head torch is a really good investment for getting about after dark. Festival campsites are more like obstacle courses when it gets dark with guy lines strewn everywhere of the tents all packed in like sardines. Head torches also come with the benefit of keeping your hands free for other use (beer and smokes come to mind). This one featured is really bright and also has the bonus of a red led which is great for those times when you don’t want to mess up your night vision (or you are still a little sensitive to bright lights!)

No drinks should be subjected to the daytime heat of a tent without some form of protection so we’ve got a fab cooler box for you to keep everything cool in. This one is ace as it’s also powered and you can run it off your car battery so it works like a mini-fridge. You’ll be the envy of your fellow campers as you sip your cold tinny’s.

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Lastly, to create the ultimate festival base camp, you need to keep the party alive with some tent entertainment. With this fabulous Bluetooth speaker from JBL you can continue the party once the stages have shut down. It’s not the smallest speaker on the market, but its size is very much a reflection of the sound it produces with deep bass and party-starting volume. You can link two of these up if you really want to go for it, but one is plenty enough thump for most.

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If you want something a little more portable then check out the Polk Boom Swimmer Duo, it’s waterproof and can be hung or slung around things. It packs a lot of punch for such a small speaker.