Many industries all across the world have been forced to update their offerings in recent years – thanks to a growing number of people shifting towards an online world. Shopping, watching movies, fitness and even dating are now all able to be done using the internet, and another sector that’s adapted their services is the online casino industry. But that’s not the only change. Here, we highlight some of the upcoming trends set to transform this sector over the next 12 months.


Last year, many online casinos introduced cryptocurrency, such as Neteller, as a means of making deposits on slots and live table games such as Quantum Roulette and Monopoly Live. This is expected to gain a lot more traction as we continue into 2022, with many more brands likely to follow the trend of giving users the most up-to-date options. In this saturated market, brands must keep abreast of changing consumer trends and it seems many players enjoy using cryptocurrency because of its security features due to its anonymous nature. Trading in cryptocurrencies brings with it added security, reducing the chances of identity theft and hacking risks.

Changing consumer habits

Whatever industry you’re in, it’s crucial to keep up to date with consumer habits if you really want to stay ahead of the game. In the gaming and casino industry, it seems that mobile gaming is going to be big over the next few months too. While online gaming isn’t anything new, statistics show that more gamers are using their phones instead of computers to play. For this reason, online casino game manufacturers need to ensure their games are mobile-friendly and, if they are going to charge for extra features, give gamers a reason to pay.

VR gaming

VR-based gaming is on the rise, and paving the way for a more immersive gaming and casino experience. What’s more, as people are able to get their hands on VR equipment and games more readily at home, it’s likely they’ll be looking for even more sophisticated options when they do visit a casino.

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eSports betting

The eSports industry is growing – with online eSports tournaments, such as ESL ONE CS: GO, ESL Intel Extrem Masters, and EU League of Legends Championship Series, now major worldwide events. As a result, eSports betting is slowly getting on par with traditional sports betting as demonstrated by the fact that by 2027, the industry is expected to reach a staggering $205 billion. So, it is very likely that more and more casinos that also offer sports betting will be giving bettors the option to bet on eSports as well as the other offerings typically found in a standard sportsbook.

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Wearable technology has been available for a while, with the purpose of tracking fitness being the chief use on the whole. However, wearable technology has also become another emerging trend in the casino industry. Using wearables such as smartwatches for the purpose of gaming is set to become increasingly popular as there are slot machine apps for Apple Watches already on the market. Plus, it’s believed that more will be released over the next few months, so watch this space.

Such a dynamic and technologically advanced industry is always going to be mercurial, and it’s not easy keeping on top of all the newest trends. However, this should go some way to keeping you current and aware of everything on offer in 2022.