When you think of roulette games, you probably imagine someone betting on red or black, or maybe choosing a single number. However, there are also a range of interesting bets you might want to consider making, and the following are some to get you started.

The Split Bet

There are many different places where you can now play roulette online or offline, and they each include a variety of different bets. When it comes to online casinos, there are a variety to choose from. One of the more well-known options would be to play online roulette at Paddy Power. You’ll see many different titles, covering the various ways of playing the same game, with the rules and presentation changing accordingly.

However, when you enter any of these games, you’re probably going to see a roulette wheel as described by Britannica, and also a betting area with all of the numbers from 0 to 36 listed there. You could put a chip directly on a number to wager on the ball landing there, but what if you put it on the line between two numbers? In this situation, you’re making a split bet that covers both numbers.

You can also place the chips in such a way that it covers four numbers, which is known as a corner bet. In fact, by hovering over the betting area, you can find a variety of different bets that you might not realize existed before now.

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Voisins Du Zero

In some versions of roulette, you’ll see an oval-shaped zone known as the racetrack. This has a selection of lesser-known wagers that are commonly known as called bets. However, since most of their names are in French, they also get called French bets by some people, and are seen only in games that use the European roulette format.

Among them is voisins du zero, which is a bet that covers a total of 17 pocket, so almost half of the wheel is included. The name translates as ‘neighbours of zero’, since it covers the numbers on either side of the zero pocket. It’s pretty complex since different chips go on various parts of the board, but when playing online all you need to do is place the bet, and it’s all worked out for you automatically.

Bet on the Zero

You probably think that everyone betting on a roulette game sighs with disappointment when the zero comes up. While most players don’t want to see the ball land on zero, others may have bet on exactly this happening.

It’s not a particularly common bet, but the pay-out of 35:1 is the same as for any other single number, and the chances of it winning are also the same. Perhaps some people avoid it for superstitious reasons, and maybe others don’t even realize that it’s an option. It’s worth remembering that the main difference between versions is that American roulette has a double zero, as confirmed by the Ask Any Difference site.

The Snake Bet

Going back to that betting area next to the wheel, you’ll see a selection of outside bets. These cover a large group of numbers and therefore have the highest chance of winning. So, this is where you can wager on a full column of numbers or on all the odd or even numbers, for example.

The snake bet is similar to the column bets in this area, as it covers the same quantity of numbers as a full column of 12 numbers and has a similar 2:1 pay-out. However, rather than covering a full column in a straight line, it snakes across the table.

You won’t see all these unusual roulette bets in every version of the game, but by understanding them, you’ll know whether this is something you’re interested in or not.