The quintessential thirst quencher for all hair

Revitafoam leave-in conditioner and disentangler

Offering unrivalled tangle and dry hair relief for all types of hair, Revitafoam has been a well kept secret in Australia for over 3 decades. It’s European launch has been welcomely received by antipodean residents who relied on Revitafoam back in Oz and by new customers who have discovered this very effective solution to dry and untamed hair.

Australia is a pretty harsh environment for any type of hair, with the combination of lots of sunshine and alluring coastline tempting residents into the water. Sun and salt are particularly bad combinations for hair, so any product that works effectively to combat these harsh demands on hair must be good.

The UK whilst it lacks much of the climate and alluring sea does still have environmental factors which make life hard on your hair. Hard water, air conditioned offices, central heating, poor diet and demanding lifestyles all take their toll on your hair. Revitafoam helps to offset some of those damaging factors by adding moisture and nourishment to your hair.

Revitafoam is Australia’s best selling leave-in moisturising foam and for good reason, It’s very good at it’s job of taming tangles and reviving dry and damaged hair.  It’s suitable for all hair types including frizzy, curly, permed, coarse wiry, coloured treated, afro and long hair. Revitafoam tames grey coarse hair too.

For the best results, simply shake can well and apply a walnut-sized amount to your hand and spread evenly onto wet or dry hair though mid-lengths and ends. Comb or rake through. Do not rinse out. Style as usual. Revitafoam is recommended for daily use.

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Whilst Revitafoam is very effective at restoring dry and damaged hair and maintaining it, there are many other ways you can also make sure you keep your hair in top condition. Here are some of our best practical tips to make sure your hair stays healthy –

Avoid using harsh chemicals in your hair care products

Many shampoos and conditioners provide a short-term fix through the use of chemicals and silicones to give the feeling of revitalised hair. In the long term these potentially do more harm than good, so make sure you use a good quality shampoo which is free of harsh chemicals or silicones. Specific ingredients to avoid are – Isopropyl alcohol, Formaldehyde, Silicones, Sodium Laureth (and Lauryl) Sulfate and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. You could also consider replacing your normal conditioner with Revitafoam to add moisture every day.

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Using Revitafoam Daily

Salons typically apply Revitafoam to towel-tried hair which is then effortlessly brushed through prior to the usual cut and style. The Revitafoam adds the necessary moisture to protect the hair prior to using the hair dryer, straightener, curler etc. This is why you come out of the salon with your hair feeling soft and nourished. Your hairdresser will then recommend using Revitafoam in exactly the same way at home on wash days but also to apply Revitafoam daily prior to styling as your first go-to hair product in the morning. Such a routine often means that conditioners that are often heavy and weigh the hair down can be eliminated from your usual hair care routine. This is especially true for those with fine hair as conditioners aren’t always kind to this hair type. As Revitafoam is a light mousse that isn’t oily or sticky, it doesn’t weight the hair down. As a small amount is used each day, a can of Revitafoam lasts most users 2-3 months but this does depend on your length and type of hair that you have.

Cut your hair to grow hair out

Sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it! If you want long hair, then surely you should let it grow. Leaving hair uncut, can lead to significant end damage, which will make your hair much harder to de-frizz. A small trim is enough to keep damaged ends at bay and allow your hair to grow long and healthy. However be warned that for most, long hair does have a tendency to dry out. This is because our bodies are often unable to generate sufficient natural oils to travel through the hair past shoulder length. Any more than this length most commonly needs some help to replenish lost moisture which is often compounded by all the things we like to do to our hair like colour, blow-dry, iron and curl. This is why professional hairdressers recommend Revitafoam for daily use as it leaves your hair moisturised and soft to the touch throughout the day – the results are always immediate which is what makes Revitafoam so special.

Children’s hair

Revitafoam has been a best seller to parents in Australia too for decades. There have been some fantastic advances in hair brushes over the years with a focus on detanglers. These brushes go some way to stopping the childhood tears of daily brushing but when coupled with Revitafoam, tears are quickly forgotten. Professional hairdressers commonly apply Revitafoam to children’s dry hair prior to brushing through – when parents see the immediate impact, they are life-time buyers of Revitafoam!

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Couldn’t live without it!

“This is the only product that I have used since 2005! I have curly hair and this foam holds my curl intact without any of that crusty feeling you’d get from mouse. It makes my hair feel so nice and soft and doesn’t weigh it down like other products and it smells sooo good too. I actually get complemented on how good my hair smells! The fact that there is a stockist in Europe now has made this Aussie girl beyond ecstatic”

Best hair product!

“I have tried many products over the years, this by far is the best for me. It’s light, adds a tad more conditioning, defines my curls and smells delish!”

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Where to get it?

Revitafoam is available to buy from selected hairdressers or can be purchased in the UK directly on the Revitafoam website. It retails at £14.99 plus shipping. TNT readers can use coupon code RevitaTNT for a 10% discount until 31 March 2022.

Find out more

You can find out more about the Revitafoam product and ask any questions that you may have on their website –

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