I met Kym Valentine at the Neighbours night a few years back and I felt we bonded! I was hoping this interview would be a chance to cement our friendship even further and maybe even be enough to wangle an invite for dinner with Susan and Karl! One can only dream…

You’ve played Libby now for 15 years – is it strange playing the same character for so long?
I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t wonderful. It’s not strange playing the same character because the story lines change weekly so there is always something new coming up, Always something exciting, always something dramatic. There’s no time to get bored.

Any favourite story lines?
I think last year when they ended the relationship between Libby and Dan. It was really challenging because we went from being really happily married to it’s all over in a couple of months. It was a really big challenge to make that believable.

Who have been your favourite love interests?
Brett Tucker who plays Dan is great and Todd Macdonald who played Darren. Everyone always asks about him at the backpacker nights. 

I loved him! Do you think there’s any chance of you and Darren being reunited?
I would love that, maybe I should suggest that. I would love it if Libby came full circle and started going out with Darren again!

Maybe I can start an email campaign or a Facebook group to make it happen….
Could you! Could you write a letter? That would be awesome. Lets make it happen.

Do you enjoy going along to the backpacker nights?
I love the backpacker nights! We’re stuck out here in the studio, miles from anyone. We don’t get to see our audience. So it’s nice to meet everyone and get to feel our audience, so to speak! So it’s our pleasure! You guys give us so much energy. It’s always great fun.

Have you had any marriage proposals from backpackers?
Yeah, weekly! There are a few that I’ve even thought about taking them up on! 

I proposed to Toady when I was at the Neighbours night. He declined…
He is the ultimate husband. I’ve got to tell you, in real life he is such an amazing man. I’m so proud of him. We’ve grown up together and come out the other side being well adjusted, which is great. 

Neighbours seems to be a good place to launch a music career, do you have any plans to bring out a single?
I love singing and performing live, it’s in my blood, I’ve always done it and when I had some time off from Neighbours it was great to be on stage. I’ve never wanted to be a popstar though, I can’t see myself wearing hotpants!

So how is it having the coolest Dad on TV?
He’s a legend. I actually call him Daddy now. He loves it. It’s quite funny now when we’re out and about at dinner or in a bar, I’ll call him Daddy. People find it hilarious. 

Susan’s a personal hero of mine. Is she as wonderful and wise in person?
More so! She’s amazing. I’ve had Alan and Jackie as mentors for the past 15 years and I am so lucky. I would be a completely different person if it wasn’t for them.

Who would be your funniest co-star?
Scott Major (Lucas) is funny, he makes me laugh. He’s just inappropriate. And Ryan (Toady), we’ve known each other so long now we have our own sense of humour that no one else understands. Jackie and Alan make me laugh all the time. They are so witty and quick with their comments. 

Where do you like to go traveling in Australia?
I went to Cairns recently. North Queensland is great. Everywhere up there is so beautiful. I also love Melbourne. It’s such a great city to wander around in, see a show, do some shopping, its just great!

Neighbours is on Channel 11 every week day at 6.30pm

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