If you’re reading this then you are in a search of a good angle grinder. No matter if you’re a simple man or a professional worker, everybody wants to use a trustworthy and long-lasting machine. Here at UK Planet Tools, we know what the right tool is.

Consider the purpose

Either a big or small angle grinder, it can be applied for various purposes:

  • Grinding. The name spoils the surprise: it grinds. Use an angle grinder to remove the extra parts of masonry or metal constructions to make them flat.
  • Cutting. With specific disks, you will be able to cut metals, ceramics, and concrete. Relatively small size and great applicability allow an angle grinder to be used at the site, which saves time and money.
  •  Stripping. Angle grinder is a great tool for getting rid of old durable coatings, such as rust or paint from wood and metal surfaces.

High vs low cost

When it comes to the price, the range is also wide. But remember: cheap angle grinder doesn’t have to be bad. The price is set on specific characteristics, such as size, power, brand, package (bare or with extra blades). Do not worry if your budget is limited: you can still buy angle grinder that will suit your needs. On the other hand, branded items, such as Makita cordless tools, will probably serve you longer and will not need repair in the nearest future.

Crucial points when choosing an angle grinder

As we’ve stated before, there is a number of features, which defines the price. However, there are vital ones when it comes to purchasing.

  • Disk diameter. No need to explain that a larger disk means deeper cuts. Keep in mind that big disks require larger and more powerful grinders.
  • Corded/cordless grinders. If your main reason is power, then you need to buy a corded angle grinder. This type usually comes in 240V and 110V options. But if you need more mobility then consider buying a cordless one (18V).
  • Speed. Here, you may choose between constant and various speed options. The grinder with the latter one will bring more precision to your work but can be pricey.

Using a precise and great tool feels good. However, choosing one may be hard. Use our tips to find the best angle grinder for you but remember: safety is above all.