After another exciting year for the UK music scene, DJ Mag released their take on some of the hottest artists, tracks and events to come out of Britain’s music industry this year. Amongst the winners were some seriously talented artists, including the likes of Patrick Topping, Giggs, and Eliza Rose.

We’ve picked out a few notable winners from DJ Mag’s selection who deserve the credit they’re receiving.

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The Rise of Rap

Stemming from international influences and catalysed by the likes of UK living legends like Dizzee Rascal and Skepta, rap has come a long way in a relatively short time. Its prevalence has transcended the constraints imposed by the shock value and ragged edges of its nature that it was born into. In 2022, rap pioneer Giggs walked away with Best Rap Track for his collab single The Family. The 39-year-old has led the scene since his industry debut in 2008 and is truly deserving of his accolades.

On the opposite end of the rap spectrum sits Loyle Carner, a London-based artist renowned for a much softer, indie-like rap sound. Carving his own path to success amidst the increasingly mainstream hardcore grime, Carner offered a unique style that has now earned him Best Rap Album/Mixtape in 2022. The piece is his third album and marks his eighth year in the music scene, within which he has gained a mass fanbase with his jazz-inspired rap beats and flows.

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The Reign of Dance

With an impressive history as a dance music connoisseur, being designated DJ Mag awards in the realm of dance music is no small feat. It is a feat deserving of artists equally as impressive as Patrick Topping and Fred Again.

After a highly impressive year, Patrick Topping claimed the title of Best DJ. Spending the majority of the year dropping industry-leading sets across Europe, the US and Australia while his Trick label brought the party to the nightlife in Ibiza.

Fred Again has stormed onto the dance music scene in what seems like no time at all. Bursting with talent, the DJ wreaked havoc in his Boiler Room set earlier in the year, in what has been called one of the best live sets of modern times. If anything, Fred Again is a brilliant example of what you can achieve when you really commit the time to master your craft – you don’t go out and smash a set like that without thousands of hours of practice behind the scenes. For aspiring DJs, take note: find your best software for live streaming sets and get practising. Who knows? You could be tearing up the scene with your own Boiler Room set in no time. For now, though, Fred Again claims DJ Mag’s Best Live Act.

The year has been a special one for British music and we can only hope for more excitement. With a music scene brimming with young, ambitious artists, the future looks bright. The artists listed in DJ Mag’s awards are excellent musical figures to aspire to, and fully deserving of their achievements.