Christmas Drinks 2022

Get in the Christmas spirit with these festive tipples

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Archipelago Botanical Gin

This is an intriguing gin from the Philippines. With some interesting regional flavours like pomelo, calamansi, coriander, daladan, mango and angelica. this really stands apart from some of the mainstream gins on the market. This is a challenging gin, yet remains really drinkable.

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Broccardo Barolo San Giovanni

This is a hard hitting proper red for those who expect a bit more clout to their red wine. It’s typically Italian with lots of flavour and lots of tannins. Taste notes are smokey, berry fruit, pepper and juniper. Crack it open and let it breathe, or stick it away somewhere cold and dark and save for that special occasion.

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Hattiers Egremont Rum

Anyone of our eagle-eyed readers will note that this made an appearance again. That’s because it’s a bloody good rum, and should be on the list for any rum lover.

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Bumbu Cream

Thankfully this not only has a nice bottle, Bumbu Cream is perfect over ice or to pimp up an Espresso Martini.

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Hawksbill rum

Sticking with Rum, as Rum is the new Gin afterall… This is a great Spiced rum with blends from Trinidad and Guyana. Not only is this lovely to drink, but 10% of profits go towards saving the hawksbill Turtle, so you’re saving the planet too. Win Win!

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Hattiers Eminence White Rum

Another lovely rum from Hattiers, this time of the white variety, and a truly global blend with rums from Barbados, Australia, Trinidad and Jamaica. It’s a fruity number, and goes well in loads of cocktails, personally I think this works well in an ‘Old Cuban’ with mint, lime, syrup, Angostura bitters and champagne. It’s Christmas after all!

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Luc Belaire Brut Gold Sparkling Wine

This sparkling wine, is perfect for festive celebrations and a nice change from Prosecco or Champagne with grapes of the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir variety. Luc Belaire originates from Burgundy having been established in 1898. Goes great in cocktails too, especially a Mimosa!

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Luc Belaire Luxe Sparkling Wine

Sticking with Luc Belaire with another fine wine from their collection. The lux is in my view oakier and more Chardonnay heavy than the gold, but remains very nice on its own or in a cocktail, perhaps something fruity like damson or sloe gin and some orange garnish, perfect for Christmas morning with some smoked salmon!

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Ramsay's Gin

A collaboration between Eden Mill and Gordon Ramsay brings this interesting play on a classic London dry gin. Using local Scottish botanicals and a few other culinary flavours selected to bring a unique flavour. This gin goes well with classic lemon and tonic, or in a cocktail, try Gordon’s own recipe for a Bramble.

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Abelha Organic Cachça

Ethically produced and organic Cachaça from Bahia in Brazil. Those of you unfamiliar with this tipple, it’s the most popular spirit in Brazil and comes from sugar cane. Often put in the same box as rum, it’s certainly a different flavour as it’s generally made from raw sugar cane rather than the by product you find in rums. Expect a sweet and earthy flavour.

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Salcombe’s latest rum creation is this rather lovely spiced rum. It’s got a lot of lovely flavours and spices, so very good for getting in the Christmas spirit (pun intended). Stick this in a glass with some punchy ginger beer and plenty of ice and you’ll be in rum heaven!

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Dutch Barn Vodka

With the current state of Russian international affairs, we have to look closer to home for a decent vodka and this one doesn’t disappoint! Made with British apples and proudly carbon neutral throughout the process, Dutch Barn are committed to not just making good vodka, but doing it ethically too.

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Dead Man's fingers reposado Tequila

Dead Man’s Fingers make some bloody good rums (and some pretty wacky flavoured ones), now I can’t claim to be a tequila expert as most of my consumption tends to happen well into a long session. This will certainly add some bite to any NYE celebrations or go well in a festive margarita.

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Salcombe GIN miniture gift set

This is the perfect long distance present to the gin lover in your life! It’s small enough to post and can be ordered wrapped on your behalf. Salcombe make some bloody good gin, so a Rose Sainte Marie and a Start Point gin sample will be sure to go down well!

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Caisteal Chamuis Blended Malt Whiskey

This is a lovely malt to sip by the fire on a cold winters night. It’s got peaty and smokey flavours and this 12 year malt will transport you to its point of origin on the Scottish Highland isles.

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Dam vintage sloe gin

The Oxford Artisan Distillery taked their drinks pretty seriously, and this sloe gin is no exception. It’s bursting full of damson’s and Sloes and has been carefully prepared over a number of years. If you like sloe gin, you’ll love this! If you don’t like sloe gin, you’ll love this in a cocktail!

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Christmas pudding rye

Tipples don’t get much more Christmassy than this! This very special blend of Oxford Rye spirit, and orange and Christmas Pudding.

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Torabhaig single malt whiskey

This is a cracking single malt from the Isle of Skye bottled in small batches drawn from no more than 30 casks each. Similarly to the Caisteal Chamuis, expect peaty, smokey goodness! There’s a fair bit of excitement to see how this relatively young single malt ages, so keep an eye out over the next few years.

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Mavrik non-alcoholic cocktails

Now I’m a bit of a purist! Either drink or don’t drink, eat meat or don’t eat meat, but… There are some cases where non-alcoholic drinks have a place, and if you’re catering for a teetotaller this Christmas then show them you care with some of these fab cocktails from Mavrik! Might want to get some beyond burgers in too, while you’re at it…

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Luscombe drinks gift set

Luscombe make some of the tastiest drinks ever! Their hot Ginger Beer is in my opinion the best there is, bar none! Their rose bubbly is also bloody delicious! These are great mixers and great on their own too! Did I mention how good their Ginger Beer is?

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Cove Royale Christmas Hamper

What better way to get Christmas started than with a prosecco cocktail. This set has two individual bottles of prosecco, a bottle of cove’s damson liqueur, 4 mince pies and some Christmas pudding chocolate. The perfect gift, or a great way to kick off Christmas in your own house!

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Umeshu Triple Pack Taster Set

The perfect introduction to Umeshu, this triple pack gives a taster of three very different flavoured drinks perfect for different drinking occasions. I’ll be honest I hadn’t tried Umeshu (a flavoured Sake made from Ume fruit ) before. It will really challenge your pallet with new flavour experiences.