One of the best things about traveling is the sense of excitement it offers. You will meet new people and travel to exotic places. You have a clean slate with the people you meet. If you have always thought of changing your style, a travel adventure is perfect for trying out a new look.

Hats are an inexpensive way to change your look. There are so many styles of hats that they can make a great outfit even better. If you want to make a statement, you can always design your own custom hats.

If you think that you would never be able to knit or embroider well enough for this, it doesn’t matter. There are on-demand printing websites that will allow you to design your own custom hats. All you have to do is upload your original design to the company’s website or create a design on the site.

There are a few different ways to make your hat stand out in the crowd. If you make a few of them, you are certain to attract attention.

1.   Single Word Hats

Ever since Beyonce wore a shirt that said, “kale” in her 7/11 video, women have been putting cryptic single words on their clothing. Knit hats make a good canvas for a single-word hat. The best online printers will offer the option to have words or designs embroidered onto any kind of hat.

You could always mention your favorite food on a hat, but that might be a little too much of an obvious imitation of Queen B. Put your favorite word on a hat or word that sums up your philosophy of life. A hat that says “plethora,” “nefarious,” or” laughter,” is certain  to be a conversation starter, as is a hat that says, “unity, “absurdity,” or “pessimism.”

2.   Family Crest

Does your family have a crest? If it does, it is a great thing to have embroidered on a hat. If you do not, you can always learn a little bit about your family’s history and make a crest. It would look great on a wool hat or a baseball cap. Who knows, you may have a distant relative in a foreign land.

3.   Your Favorite Dog Breed

Dogs are man’s best friend. Adopting dogs is fast replacing having children in the United States. Although all dogs are beautiful, most people have a favorite breed. An image of your favorite pet will look great on a hat. It will let people know that you are a nice person who loves animals. You can also put a picture of your family pet on a hat.

4.   Favorite Team

You can always buy a souvenir of your favorite baseball team at the next game. However, you will end up paying quite a bit of money for it, and many people will be wearing the same hat.  If you make your own hat, it will look unique, and will likely cost less. If you wear it to a game and your idea catches on, your hat may be the next big thing.

Your favorite team may not be a famous one. It may be an intramural baseball team or your favorite group of cricket players. You can let people know you love your team wherever you travel.

5.   Make Event Favors

If you are planning a  destination wedding or Bar Mitzvah, you are probably wondering what to give out as party favors. You could make T-shirts, but that is often done, and can get rather expensive. Hats are budget-friendly, and everyone needs one from time to time. Trucker hats are fun and inexpensive. The hat does not have to be a perfect fit, so if you have an extra guest or two, everyone will get one.

6.   Show Your Hometown Pride

It is not uncommon to get lost while traveling. Why not make a hat saying as much? If you are from a small town, make a hat saying where you should be sent if you are lost. If you are traveling to a big city, make a hat stating all the places to which you will need directions.

7.   Make a Hat With a Pin for Every City You Have Been In

You can always buy a small pin in every city that you are in and decorate a baseball cap or fishing hat with it. You will find tiny pins in almost any souvenir shop. The hat may be a little heavy to wear, but it will make a great memento of your trip.