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%TNT Magazine% DSC 7393

Bunch of Butts

At TNT we’re always up for a silly card game, especially if it can be reimagined into a drinking game, and Bunch of Butts is perfect for that.Think snap, but more shouty and with more bottoms!

%TNT Magazine% backbone

Backbone gaming adaptor

Simply attach your phone to the backbone and immediately upgrade your gaming experience. Can be used for native phone games or really step it up for remote play with the console of choice. Available for apple and robot shaped phones.

%TNT Magazine% monogamy


Perfect for a dose of family fun on Christmas day! Joking! Please don’t try this game with anyone you’re not prepared to get intimate with. A perfect way to spice up with your partner, and explore some unchartered territory in your love life!

%TNT Magazine% beerboobs

Beer Boobs

In the words of David Walliams, Bitty! This is possibly the silliest drinking game imaginable, and needs no explanation as to how to play. First one to empty a boob wins! I’m considering this as my new office mug! I just need to find someone in the office to wear it all day! Any takers?

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Pear Shaped

Sticking with silly games, Pear Shaped is another great game which can certainly incorporate some shots. It’s snap, but with colours shapes and numbers, and a wobbly pear.  A perfect after dinner game while everyone’s round the table!

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Enlightened As Hell

I think the title covers most of what you need to know about this book. It’s perfect for those looking for a little more enlightenment in their lives! Written from the perspective of a clinical psychologist this book is sure to provide some positive thinking.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7352

Felix Unbound

If you ever wanted your man to be more like your cat? Well Tiffany did, at first! This is a whirlwind of a book that will take you on a journey into the life of Felix the cat-man…

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7348


Perfect book for anyone with an Entrepreneurial spirit or their own business. This book is perfect for anyone wanting to scale their business and provides simple insights relatable whatever the size of the business.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7384

Pivo Pod Lite

Perfect for the budding influencer in your life, or the insta’husband who wants to put the camera down for a bit! This little device will provide 360 degree tracking and make sure you’re the centre of attention! It’s like having your own cameraman, so time to step up those Tiktok dances to the next level!

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7325

Meazor - Hozo Design

Another fab gizmo here specifically for people in the building or interior design world. This device will measure distances with it’s laser measure, along with clever room scanning capabilities. It also allows you to convert scale drawing distances, scan curves and act as protractor.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7362

PockeTalk plus - electronic translator

A great standalone device for all your translation needs. With over 80 languages supported, and many ways to translate this is a super device for anyone who travels and wants to be better at communicating. Translate conversations in real-time, and scan documents with the camera.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7334

Chromecast with Google TV

Fed up with your clunky ‘smart TV’ wish it would just work and not crash all the time (mentioning no names…Samsung). The Chromecast with Google TV is a great way to supercharge your TV experience. With native apps and the ability to cast from your phone (iphone and android), with a handy remote too, all for less than a round of drinks in the pub! Happy days!

Food & Drink

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7365

Chilly's series 2 bottle

Leakproof, 24 hours cold and 12 hours hot is pretty much all you need to know about this bottle from Chilly’s. Loads of colours and designs too.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7363

Chilly's coffee cup

Another new design from Chilly’s with this series 2 coffee cup. It will keep your drink hot and has a simple mechanism to drink from, so you don’t dribble your coffee down your top on the way to work!

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7379

Microplane Gourmet Series Dual Grater

For anyone into cooking, there is simply no better grater than the Microplane! This new design offers two grades of grating making it perfect for grating and rinds.

%TNT Magazine% weber bbq set

Weber Precision 3-Piece Grill Tool Set

It might not be BBQ weather at the moment, but when it is time to go cook outside, these are perfect for the job. With easy grip tongs and spatula and a basting brush, this is a great set for anyone who loves to cook on a BBQ.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7440

Masterbuilt Portable BBQ and Smoker

Masterbuilt are renowned for making some of the best (and simplest to use) BBQ’s in the world, and this portable wonder is no exception. It’s a proper charcoal BBQ, but has all the convenience of a gas grill with easy to dial in temperatures and simple controls. Take the guesswork out of cooking with this wonderful new grill from Masterbuilt.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7358

Ramen Bowl

This Authentic ceramic bowl from Japan is the perfect way to serve Ramen. From our friends at the Wasabi Company, this is part of some of the ceramics they sell alongside their lovely ingredients and fresh wasabi.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7472

I.O.Shen, profile paring knife

I’m going to be a bit bold here, and state that in my view, there is no better kitchen blade than I.O.Shen! I’m a keen cook and have many professional grade knives in the kitchen drawer. I hate a dull blade, and this little paring knife from I.O.Shen gets used 9 times out of 10 for any cutting job in the kitchen because it’s always sharp and so lovely to use. It’s bloody brilliant, and I challenge anyone to find me a better knife manufacturer than these. It outlasts all of my other knives for keeping sharp, including my expensive German knives.

Travel & Adventure

%TNT Magazine% selkbag

Selkbag Recycled sleeping bag suit

This is probably my favourite item of clothing right now. Literally right now, as it’s less than 14 degrees in my home office and I’m toasty warm as I type! Not just for impoverished journalists, this thing is perfect for camping, festivals and generally keeping warm yet mobile. What’s special about this giant romper suit for grown up’s is you simply roll over the sleeves, and roll into bed as it works as a sleeping bag too! Did I mention it’s also made out of 100% recycled materials, so it’s good for the planet too!

%TNT Magazine% vango chair

Vango Radiate DLX Chair

Continuing with the smug camper theme, this is the ultimate UK camping trip chair, as not only is it comfy and reclinable, but it has another trick up it’s sleeve as by simply adding a USB power pack, it immediately turns into a heated seat. So take a few steps back from that fire that keeps billowing smoke in your face, and settle in for the night staying warm and comfortable!

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7377

Stubble & Co 'The Adventure bag'

My job really is easy this year!  This is such a good bag! I mean it’s a flipping awesome bag. It’s lightweight, carry on sized, with such well-organised pockets and dividers. It’s got a waterproof shoe pocket so you don’t ruin your clothes with the soggy trainers you soaked on the last day of your trip. It’s got a secret pocket for valuables and even a padded pocket for a laptop. It’s even got a rain cover for when things get a bit soggy.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7376

Stubble & co 'The roll top mini'

Back to the real world and more modest daily adventures. This is a brilliant roll-top daily bag. It’s really tough, well-designed and comfortable to wear. It’s all you could want from a daily use bag. It also comes in this mini 14l size as well as the 20l variant for bigger loads.

%TNT Magazine% microbag

Ticket to the moon 'Eco bags'

These micro bags are the perfect sling in your pocket bag in case you see something you like in the market or just for daily trips to the supermarket. They are made of offcuts from Ticket to the Moon’s more well known hammock products, so are very eco and sustainable. They come in rucksack and shoulder bag varieties and as they are constructed out of hammock grade nylon, they are very strong and durable.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7454


Sticking with one last bag, and continuing the eco angle. This is a fantastic bag from one of my favourite bag makers Osprey. Osprey revolutionised large pack use for me and made carrying heavy loads much more bearable than any bag I’d used before. The Talon, is sculpted beautifully and is a pleasure to wear for long periods. It’s got all the usual Osprey qualities and features including a handy ‘lidlock’ on the back for a bike helmet. The talon is just right for any adventure activity. This particular ‘Earth’ model is also Bluesign® accredited!

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7416

Berghaus Cuillin Insulated Hoody

Keeping warm is always a top request for Christmas gifts, as December always seems to creep up on us in the UK and bite us on the arse with a chilly spell. Most of my family have warm layers on the list this year, so this fab jacket from Berghaus is a great option in this year’s guide. With synthetic insulation, this will be sure to outperform down filled jackets when it inevitably gets wet, and a great design for movement in mind, so ideal for climbers or other adventurists.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7323


Leatherman need no introduction, they are world-famous for making some of the best multi tools. This outdoor focussed tool is no exception, as it provides many of the usual features of a Leatherman. It’s got a pair of pliers, wire cutters, a blade, a saw, various other tools hidden ingeniously within it’s frame. What set’s this model apart from other multi tools is it’s survival credentials, as it also contains a diamond coated sharpener, an emergency whistle and even a fire starting ferro rod. This is the ideal gift for any adventurous people.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7413

Kielty car-go-box

Part boot organiser and part handy carry box, this is the perfect boot accessory for your next road trip. It has three separate zipped pods you can use to sort out your kit with colour coded sides so you grab the right bag for the job. This is perfect for climbing gear, camping kit or just general car stuff like jump leads. The straps make it easy to  carry so great for car camping trips.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7388

Kielty Galactic down blanket

Perfect camp companion, this snugly blanket filled with 550-fill down, so will be sure to keep you warm at night or around the fire. It comes in three cool colourways, and as the name suggests the design is pretty cosmic!

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7446

Vango IR Grill Compact

Camp cooking can be a bit of a painful experience, I’m sure we’ve all experienced the misery of cooking in the wind and rain, and resorting to eating half cooked dinner. Well those days are over with the Vango twin hob and grill. It’s compact, well designed with wind protection and legs elevating it off the ground. It folds up neatly into itself.

Home, health & Beauty

%TNT Magazine% keen slippers

Keen Women's Howser III Slide

These warm and comfy slippers from Keen are perfect for winter. With the benefit of a proper sole, they will cope with that late night dash to put the bins out along with the usual indoor duties. Like many products on our list this year, they also have great eco credentials with much of the materials from Recycled PET Plastics.

%TNT Magazine% oddballs

Oddballs underwear

No Christmas list would be complete without pants! These vibrant garments from Oddballs are the perfect gift for both man and women. Oddballs was founded with the mission to raise awareness for Testicular Cancer and have been very successful in this mission. They have now evolved to support many different charities. So they are not just supporting your balls (and boobs) literally, but also supporting lots of great causes, and raising awareness.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7311

Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell

Bowflex make some amazing fitness products, with some very special features. This kettle incorporates 6 weights in one compact system and you can select your chosen weight by adjusting the dial on the top. This makes for varied use and minimal waste of space! Get ready for smashing out your New Year’s resolutions.

%TNT Magazine%

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

Another fantastic product in the Bowflex product catalogue is the adjustable dumbbells. I’m not sure why they call them dumbbells as these are far from dumb! With a similar mechanism to the kettlebell, you can dial in your chosen weight, in this case offering 15 different weights. from 2- 24kg. They are perfect for evolving your training and also super space efficient too!

%TNT Magazine% revamp curler

Revamp Progloss™ Hollywood Hair Curler

Get glammed up this Christmas with the Hollywood curlers. With a automatic rotating barrel, they make perfect curls a simple process. With various temperature options for various hair types and ‘Progloss’ oils to enhance smoothness and shine.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7339

HoMedics Remove Microdermabrasion

Bring professional spa skincare to your home! This Microdermabrasion machine will help restore youthful radiance to skin, smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It can also help with the appearance of age spots and sun damage.

%TNT Magazine% DSC 7470

Evenswiss skincare treatments

Evenswiss are renowned for developing some of the most successful anti-aging products. This is thanks to their unique ‘Signalling Cosmetics’ technology which signals reactions into the skin to help regeneration.
%TNT Magazine% create academy

Create Academy - Inspiring courses

Create Academy is an amazing online resource which provides inspiring courses in areas such as Home and Interiors, Gardening and Forestry, Food and Nutrition, Decorative arts and craft. They have collaborated with some of the top experts in their field including Interiors supremo Rita Konig and nutritionist Amelia Freer. Their courses are really inspiring, so give the gift of something more this year with a gift of knowledge and skills!