Golf can be a game of extremes. There are few things more satisfying than expertly landing on the green before securing a birdie, but when you hit the rough it can get frustrating. Improving your game can be rewarding whether you treat it as a hobby or have ambitions of joining a club. Below we explore ways you can improve your game.

Perfect your posture

It’s one of the first things you learn when you play golf, but having the correct posture makes all the difference. Essentially, it’s all about maintaining your posture throughout the swing: bend at the waist, buckle your knees slightly, leave your feet a comfortable distance apart and let your arms relax in front of you. It can be hard to feel natural when adjusting your posture, but with enough practice it should become second nature.

Go on a golfing holiday

Going on a golfing holiday is bliss. Pick an idyllic location such as a Scotland golf course, and you can play on beautiful courses every day while practicing your game. Not only will you be able to find your rhythm with consistent practice across the holiday, but you’ll also be playing in the perfect conditions for golf. With expertly clipped greens, sweeping views and clearly marked courses you should be all set for a quality round.

Find your grip

Playing around with your grip can help you find a new gear in your game. Some people simply place one hand above the other. While others might interlock their fingers to keep both hands connected. Ultimately, you want something comfortable and effective – it’s worth experimenting to find this.

Walk more

If you can, walking – rather than taking the buggy – can improve your game. It gives you the chance to relax after every shot and retune your focus on what you need to do next. Sometimes, when you’re frantically hopping back on the cart you lose the opportunity to plan your next shot carefully. Not only will it improve your game but walking also gives you the ideal chance to take in the beautiful surroundings too!

Improve your mental game

Much of golf is played in the mind. The more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to succeed. Try managing your expectations – if a hole goes wrong, you’ll be more likely to laugh it off and put things right. Try and see each hole as a learning experience too. If you make a mistake, you now know where to improve next time.

Improving your golf game can be incredibly rewarding. By working on your technique alongside your mental game, you should be ready to lower that handicap.