This compilation will definitely provide you with a brilliant idea about your ideal next pair of sports earbuds and other earphones for runners for comparison.

JLab Epic Air Sport

The Air Sport are truly best earbuds for runners due to many factors: a 10-hour battery life, customizable inbuilt EQ, easy controls, and digital assistants access. They get an extra 70 hours of juice from a portable and lightweight charging case. For situational awareness outdoors, you can use “be aware” more that allows external sounds to creep into your listening experience. They are IP66 certified, which makes them immune to water and dust. You’ll feel confident with them when doing sudden maneuvres because they have ear-hooks.


These are called AirPods killers by many reviewers. The X5 are sports earbuds with studio sound quality protected with passive noise isolation. They feature a built-in mic for high-quality calls, IPX4 rating, and three sets of ear-tips and ear-fins. Speaking of calls, you can make binaural calls, which means accepting them with one bud. The battery lasts for 7 hours and gets another 4 charges from the case. You can activate digital assistants hands-free. The control buttons are intuitive and easy-to-use. The brand actually developed a huge lineup of the best true wireless sport earbuds.

Jaybird Tarah Pro Wireless

The Tarah Pro earbuds for runners help you keep concentration on exercises and not on a headset. First, they will allow getting personalized sound thanks to the Jaybird MySound app. Then you pick the needed size of ear-tips and stability fins and make sure the fit is right for you. The battery life is great – 13 hours on a single charge. The IPX7 rating tolerates heavy rain. If you’re ok with charging via a proprietary charging box that is not very handy, then this pair is a great choice for you in general.

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AfterShokz Aeropex

These earbuds for running should be mentioned thanks to their unique technology of sound transmission – the bone one. It allows hearing what’s around while listening to music or talking to someone on the phone. It is super useful as a safety measure. They are IP67 certified, which empowers you to run without worrying about rain and dust on the go. The brand claims to deliver powerful stereo because of signature PremiumPitch 2. 0+ technology. Yet, it looks like only audiophiles can feel the difference. The battery life is about 8 hours.

Beats PowerBeats Pro

The Beats Pro wireless earbuds for running are known for being super comfortable and transmitting great sound quality. They provide a snug fit thanks to ear-hooks and are rated with IPX4. It means you can sweat, they will be fine, but do not swim or run in a downpour. The model allows establishing timers in between sets. The headset performs for up to 9 hours. Obviously, these are Apple’s premium earbuds, so they are perfectly compatible with its devices. You can summon Siri hands-free, for example.

Jabra Elite Active 65t

Running is one thing you can do with this best Bluetooth earbud for running. They are perfect for cycling, working out, speed walking, rope thrashing primarily because of being lightweight.  Yet, they stay firm in the ear canals. They deliver focused bass and transmit decent exercise-friendly tracks properly. The Active 65t feature an accelerometer to keep tabs on reps. It is also compatible with the Jabra’s fitness app. The earbuds ensure some sound isolation and last for 5 hours, which is fine for such a design.

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Master & Dynamic MW07 Go

These sprint wireless earbuds eliminate any movement limitation. In slick, funny design, they are tiny and impressively compact. Silicone ear-tips and ear-fins work great to grant a secure fit. However, some users complained about them falling out. It’s situational. The controls on the bodies are easy-to-use and yet can cause some discomfort due to a small size. The audio quality is decent – equitable and strong reproduction. The battery is about 10 hours.

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RHA TrueConnect

These wireless earbuds for runners stand out in the crowd for long-lasting battery life. The brand promises 5 hours of standalone playback and an extra 20 from the case. Anyone can find a snug fit thanks to silicone and foam ear tips in different sizes. In general, the sound is clear and detailed, with some insignificant distortions when distancing from the source too much. The buds work well for calls and podcasts where vocals need to be clear too.