Are you revving up your engines and getting ready to go on a road trip before the summer ends? As the school holiday sunsets approach, and families seek the thrill of staycations around the UK, a new adventure awaits on the open road. It’s essential to prepare your vehicle for a smooth and trouble-free journey – by protecting your car against unwanted surprises and breakdowns

Carly is a revolutionary device that gives you real-time insights into your car’s health through a user-friendly app and scanner. It performs a “health scan” on your car, translating technical data into easily understandable information. Being aware of potential issues before you hit the road can save you from costly mechanic bills.

So how does it work? Mechanics check a car’s current “fault codes” through something called an OBD port with a scanning device, which much resembles a large USB key or dongle. Carly does the exact same thing but delivers this data straight into a user-friendly app and “translates” the technical data into digestible information any car owner can understand. Below, Carly recommends how to make the best use of the scanner ahead of your big road trip of the summer:

Get a real time picture of your car’s health

Before you head off, it’s a good idea to perform a diagnostic scan on your car using the Carly scanner and app. This diagnostics test provides a detailed picture of the health of your vehicle by reading out “fault codes”. Fault codes are codes that your car system uses to notify you of a potential fault detected in the car. Running this scan will highlight if there are any current or upcoming issues with your car that need to be addressed before your big trip.

Address fault codes

If your diagnostics test has thrown up some issues that you need to address ASAP, the Carly Smart Mechanic feature will let you know how severe the issue is and how it can be fixed. If you’re nifty with a car part, the app will provide you with a repair guide written by expert mechanics for the issue to save you time and money.

If you would prefer not to do it yourself, make an appointment with your local mechanic and tell them exactly what the issue is. This should save you time as the mechanic is aware of the fault and solution before the car even enters the garage.

Perform your own service

For extra peace of mind, you should perform a quick car service before your journey and no, we don’t mean the expensive one your local garage offers! The Carly Maintenance feature will help you service your car yourself via the app, and will also help you keep track of your service intervals directly from your phone so you can keep your car running healthier for longer.

Pack your Carly in your glove box for your return journey

Car faults can pop up at any time, so make sure to pack your Carly scanner to give your car a quick diagnostic scan before your return journey. The scan takes less than a few minutes, so it is worth doing.

About Carly

Founded in 2014 in Munich, Germany, Carly is a CarTech company that connects drivers with the information hidden inside their cars. Carly provides an easy-to-use solution throughout the lifecycle of car ownership, delivering control to consumers with valuable data and empowering them to save time and money. Carly is the most successful direct-to-consumer CarTech solution that works for all car brands and allows car owners to access data and hidden features in their vehicle. The device connects drivers with the data inside their vehicles, helping them to make fully informed decisions at every stage of car ownership – whether on purchasing, maintenance, or customisation.