Quick question: if you had the opportunity to get around $2,500 of cold hard cash in your back pocket for little effort, you’d want to know how to get on that money train wouldn’t you?

If you’ve been working while you’ve been in Australia and you haven’t done your tax yet, 
then you damn well should. About $2,500 could get you a mighty fine trip around Australia or a return flight back here for next time. Seriously, nothing will ever be as easy.

The financial year in Australia runs from July 1 to June 30 and you have three months after that to get your act in gear before the deadline in October.

So, what is a tax return? In a nutshell it is used to determine if you’ve been paying the correcttax over the last financial year. You know that little bit of cash that the government has been siphoning out of your wage every week? Well chances are, you’ll get a lot of that back, especially if you’ve not worked the full financial year. It’s kind of like enforced saving, which is probably something you never thought you’d do as a traveller.

To do your tax you can either download the software (but not on a Mac) from www.ato.gov.au, pick up a tax pack at the post office or pay a tax agent to do it for you. The friendly staff over at Super Tax Refunds will do the hard work for you and not charge you through the nose. 

“We are Australia’s leading tax refund company. Travellers choose us for their refunds because we only charge a flat fee of $89 – this means no expensive percentage charges like our competitors,” explains director Dirk Loosen.

If you’re leaving the country, the agents will deposit the refund into your preferred bank account. They’ll even give you an estimate so you can start salivating over the thought of your next trip.
“Simply fill in the five minute online application and one of our friendly staff will instantly call you to complete your application. Once lodged the Tax Office will generally get your money back to you in five to seven business days.”

All you need is your PAYG summary from all the employers you’ve worked for in the year, your Tax File Number and any relevant receipts. For more info: www.supertaxrefunds.com.au

July 4th, 2011