Especially if you are often fascinated by the beauty of flowers and the many benefits they offer, you might have wondered what it’s like to work with and around them.

From cultivating flowers to cutting them and artistically arranging them into an eye-catching bouquet, being a florist can indeed be a lot of fun. But just like any other career, being a florist isn’t a job for every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

It could be the job for you though, and there’s only one way to find out! Perhaps taking a brief look into what a day as a florist involves can help paint the picture and help you decide whether it’s a career line you’d like to explore.

Who’s A Florist?

By simple definition, a florist is a person who is in charge of cutting flowers and designing them into floral arrangements for a variety of events before selling them.

As you can see from the website of this flower delivery company called the Bouqs, decorated florists use a wide variety of different flower species and materials to make numerous stunning flower arrangements available to their customers.

But their daily activities go well beyond just preparing fresh flower cuts and arrangements!

What Does a Florist’s Job Involve?

Being a florist is indeed something that can be considered a dream job! While they may not exactly take part in flower cultivation, a florist’s day may involve various kinds of tasks. Some of the most common ones include:

1. Cutting and Designing Flower Arrangements:

A day as a florist could start as early as 4:30 am to 6:00 am! Some of the very first tasks may include collecting flowers from the farm or market, cutting them, and preparing them for arrangement into floral bouquets for sale.

Flowers are basically cut at a certain stage, and their stems trimmed carefully to end up with an artistic, defined arrangement, which is then displayed later in the day. This is among the most fun parts of being a florist.

2. Preparing Wreaths and Centerpieces:

A typical florist’s job also includes preparing wreaths for sale. The cut stems of the flowers are placed into different floral wire stands and are then wrapped up tightly to preserve them for later use.

3. Helping Customers Select Appropriate Flowers:

A florist’s work isn’t limited to just arranging the flowers – they are also needed to help customers decide the best flowers to use for different events. As a florist, you may also need to custom-style some flowers and add a personal touch to each arrangement as per the customer’s needs.

Part of the job also demands having polished communication skills, especially when it comes to listening to customer requirements.

4. Tracking Orders and Deliveries:

A florist’s day may also encompass tracking orders and ensuring that the ordered flowers are delivered promptly to the right customers.

This also means ensuring that the right arrangements are made available for customers before they get too excited about it and end up choosing something else.

How To Become a Florist: Is It the Job for You?

Being a florist is a fast-paced job that requires strong time management skills and knowledge of flowers. You also need to be extremely proficient, creative, and passionate about arranging flowers.

In addition to these, there are various other certifications that you may need to fulfill to become a professional florist. These are even more important if you’re planning to get a florist job at a flower farm, delivery company, or event planning agency. But if you plan to start your own flower shop business, you’ll discover that it can be challenging with competition. Having a niche that will set you apart from the floral crowd will allow you to gain a following.

Most importantly, it’s the kind of person you are that truly determines what your future as a florist holds in store for you. And as long as you have a passion for working with flowers, you can always grow your career – every day is a learning day in the florist industry! Hopefully, the above few points will help you decide whether or not a career as a florist suits you.