Engineering and Management jobs in New Zealand

TNT spoke to Ed Collett, 36, an Avionics engineer, product manager and marketing manager from Auckland, New Zealand.

How long were you in London and why did you leave? 
was in London for 14 years, and left to come back to New Zealand for
the lifestyle change as I have a young family. The standard of living
in New Zealand is much better than in London.
What do you do for a living back in NZ? 
I’m the marketing manager for the same company I worked for in the UK.
Did your overseas experience help you find a job?
from applications and job interviews since coming back to New Zealand
has actually been that I am too specialised and too experienced. New
Zealand companies should be open to transferable skills of people
coming back from the UK.
What do you miss about living in London? 
The easy access to Europe.