Find Backpacker, Gap Year and student jobs in Australia

Work hard, travel hard, get cashed up and extend your stay in Australia. Recruitment expert Iona Taylor from Grunt Labour tells us where to get a casual job and how.

What positions do you recruit for?

I recruit for positions in the meatworks, but our other branches in Cairns, Darwin, Bundaberg, Broome, and Kunnunarra recruit for all sorts of positions, including harvesting.

Are there many positions available?

There are alway positions in various meatworks, as well as in picking and harvesting across all our branches in Oz.

What qualifications and experience are you looking for in a candidate?

They must have a good level of English and be able to commit to 12 weeks work.

How long are the work placements?

The minimum is 12 weeks in meatworks, however, travellers can work for up to six months. A 12-week stay at a regional meatworks can also give you a second visa option.

Is there work available across Australia?

At the moment there is mainly meatworks in Queensland, but our other branches in Cairns, Darwin, Bundaberg, Broome, and Kunnunarra have picking and harvesting positions, and also construction labouring.

Do you have any advice when it comes to a CV? Do you need one for casual work?

I don’t require a CV for casual work in the meatworks, however, it is always a good idea to have one so that we know if you have experience in particular areas. This way we can offer you alternative work. For example, if you are a tradesperson we can utilise your experience elsewhere in other positions.

Do you have any advice regarding job interviews?

Arrive on time, and be prepared with a passport, bank account details, your tax file number, and a CV if you have one. And try to look well presented even though it’s not always the easiest when you are backpacking.

What are the rates of pay?

Rates of pay vary from $16.80 to $20 per hour

Do you offer any training?

Every person is given a high standard of training to work in the meatworks on site. Harvest workers get trained in how to handle, pick and pack different products on site.

What are the benefits of getting some OZ work experience?

Once you have worked in a meatworks you can obtain work anywhere in Australia or overseas at other meatworks, and with the amount of money earned can easily finance the rest of your stay.

Iona Taylor is a recruitment consultant at Grunt Labour,