What’s the marketing/promotions sector like at the moment, and are there many positions available?

We specialise in recruiting for the fundraising industry, which is quiet this time of year due to the weather. We recruit for face-to-face fundraisers to approach people on the street and sign them onto a pledge program, which raises much-needed funds for the charities.

What qualifications and experience are you looking for?

No experience is necessary, however, customer service experience is an advantage. We also provide full training for the right candidate. 

What’s your average rate of pay?

We pay a daily retainer based on targets or a commission.

How long are the work placements?

They can be anything from a minimum of one month, to a maximum of six months on the Working Holiday Visa.

Is there work available across Australia? 
Yes, we have offices in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland NZ. You are able to travel from office to office once you start working with us, which is a great way to see Australia. We also organise one- to two-week roadtrips for our overseas candidates, so there’s plenty of opportunity to see more of the state you are staying in while working 
from one of our main offices in Australia.

What’s the best way to go about finding marketing/promo work?

We like to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest positions available by advertising inhostels, TNT Magazine and internet job sites.

Do you have any advice when it comes to a CV?

While a lot of agencies will say it isn’t essential to have a CV for this type of job, we do ask you bring one if you can. Make sure your CV covers all of your experience and skills clearly while still remaining short.

One page is ideal.

When it comes to interviews, what are you looking for in candidates?

Someone who is confident, enthusiastic, has good communication skills and is friendly. All our jobs involve approaching strangers on the street, so a good personality and excellent communication skills are essential.

Are there any opportunities to stay longer in Australia with a sponsorship?

Yes, we do offer the right candidate the opportunity of being sponsored. When this happens then anything is possible because although everyone starts at entry-level positions, you can work your way up to team leader and beyond with sponsorship.