What’s the first thing you would advise travellers wanting an office/admin job to do? Firstly I would suggest updating your CV by providing as much detail as possible. It is essential to highlight your most recent experience in the office/admin sector and the skills you have gained. You really need to sell yourself with your CV and first impressions make a big impact on whether you will get the job or not.

What do you primarily look for in a potential candidate? Experience is vital; however, a good personality is just as important when it comes to placing candidates into the ideal role. Candidates that are committed, present well and have a positive attitude are easily placed into work.

What qualifications are needed? The majority of our clients require candidates to have at least six months of office/admin experience.

Do the qualifications vary between states? No, each state in Australia has the same requirements. Any candidate with six months or more office experience can be placed into work.

How does the industry look at the moment? Are there lots of jobs going for travellers in office/admin? Office/admin positions are highly regarded. Jobs in this sector are available for travellers all year round.

How do office/admin jobs in Australia differ from jobs in a UK office? There is no major difference, just a great opportunity to experience working life in a foreign country.

What are the rates of pay? And what are the variables? Rates vary between $18 and $30 per hour depending on the candidate’s experience and the type of office/administration role they are applying for.

Do you offer any training at Geoffrey Nathan? We don’t offer training; however, our clients provide ‘on the job’ training for successful candidates.

What sorts of jobs do you recruit for in the office/ admin sector? Roles vary and there are a wide range of positions available including receptionists, data entry operators, customer service reps, call centre, administration, clerical, personal assistants, legal secretaries to name but a few. Currently there is a candidate-short market which means that there are more temp jobs available across Australia.

Are there any sponsorship opportunities? Yes, however, candidates must meet the requirements set out by the DIAC (the Department of Immigration and Citizenship). If the criteria are met, Geoffrey Nathan can then assist with processing the application for sponsorship. If the candidates have any sponsorship queries the best contact would be the Migration Team at Geoffrey Nathan. What are the benefits of getting some work experience in Australia? Working in Australia allows travellers on a working holiday visa to not only observe different work ethics but to also enhance their career prospects internationally, which could then lead to sponsorship opportunities. Thanks to Aaron Harper, Sales Manager, Geoffrey Nathan, http://www.geoffreynathan.com

An Interview with a Temp

Siobhan Campion 24, from Ireland

So what’s your new job like? And what do you do? I’m now doing basic reception and some administration work in a really friendly financial planning office in Neutral Bay, overlooking the beautiful Harbour Bridge.

What job did you have back home? I worked for a large insurance company for six years.  

How does your new job compare to your job back home? Because I’m doing temp work now, it’s much more fun and light-hearted. It’s a lot less pressure and the set hours really help.

How did you land your new job? I’ve been registered with Geoffrey Nathan since March this year, and when I returned from a month’s travelling last week I just gave them a call, and within a day I had calls from several agencies who wanted to meet me and find a job for me. Basically Geoffrey Nathan did all the footwork for me by marketing my CV to a number of other recruiters. I met with a few agencies that were all super efficient and professional, and I was offered this position on the spot.

Was it hard finding a job in the office/admin sector? No, not after registering with an agency.

What are the good points about your new job? It’s a really friendly office environment, and I’ve got set work hours.

Any bad points? The long commute from Bondi Beach can be quite tedious.

Memorable moments at your new job? Any funny stories to share? I’ve only just started, so I don’t know yet.

How’s the pay? I get $21 per hour plus super, and as I have chosen to be paid through Geoffrey Nathan I will only be taxed on around 50 per cent of my wages, which makes a huge difference to my take home pay each week.

How long have you been in Australia and where have you travelled so far? I’ve been in Australia since Christmas last year. I’ve travelled the east and west coasts, and I’ve been travelling around Sydney and Perth so far.

Where are you going to travel next? I’m going to travel around Asia for five weeks in October.

Any advice for other travellers considering a job in the office/admin sector in Australia? Register your CV with Geoffrey Nathan in one of their offices around Australia. Then you can just sit back and wait for the agencies to call you.