Accountant Guy Peckham 31, from New Zealand What made you decide to come and work in Australia? After having spent one year in London and another in Dublin, I just was not ready to return home to New Zealand. So I thought I would Sydney as a great compromise between corporate career opportunities and an outdoor lifestyle that you can’t have in the UK. It was that, plus the fact my girlfriend is Australian. What’s your new job? I am currently undertaking a contract financial accounting assignment at a diversified ASX listed property developer. How did you land your new job? When I met with Tricia Liverpool, a consultant from Absolute Executive Recruitment, I expressed an interest in getting my career back into property development finance. She had a role and arranged an interview. I went to the interview, and started my new job a few days later. Where in Australia have you worked? I’ve worked in Sydney so far. Where are you going next? I think I will give Sydney a chance before considering another destination. What job experiences did you have from before? I had a mixture of project accounting jobs and financial accounting jobs within the property sector as well as a previous role as a Financial Controller in a multinational company based in Ireland. How does you job in Oz compare to back home? Much the same, but the numbers are larger than New Zealand and all my colleagues have better tans than in London and Dublin. What’s the pay like? It’s competitive. Is sponsorship an option? Kiwis can work in Australia without needing a working visa. Do you have any funny stories about your job you want to share? I am sure something funny will happen soon, but I’ve only been working here for one week so far. What’s the best work-related advice you were given? Don’t sweat the small stuff. What’s your best advice for other travellers considering your job? The Sydney experience is in the CBD, so it pays to work there.