Whether there’s a recession (whatever that actually means) or not, it’s good to know there’s always jobs in the marketing sector. Companies will continue to exist and need people to drum up business for them. Jenny Persson, from Face2Face Fundraising, certainly has plenty of jobs to offer travellers. “There are lots and lots of jobs available,” she says. “Face2Face Fundraising works with non-profit organisations and charities and we’re currently growing our business so looking for confident, hardworking, chatter boxes to join our team.” That’s great news because a lot of travellers would rather work for a good cause than slog away for a blue chip organisation. So Jenny, will it be easy to find work in this industry? “Yes and no,” she replies. “As a fundraiser you need to be a great communicator and have the ability to engage members of the public and inspire the public to sign up on a monthly donation.” Whilst the gift of the gab certainly helps, don’t worry if your chat is a bit rusty, because many agencies will offer training before you’re let loose on the Aussie public. “New starter training is a four day program with two days in the office and two days on the field,” Jen tells us. Other bonuses in this sector are the pay and the chances of sponsorship. “We pay an hourly rate of $17.41, plus bonus, and we’re currently sponsoring four travellers.” So, what’s holding you back? 


What job are you doing at the moment? I’m working as a fundraiser for a charity.

How did you get the job? When I stopped travelling I needed a job and found it on the internet.

How does working here compare to back home? It’s so much better. Everyone is so much friendlier.

Is sponsorship a possibility? Yes it is. I’m on a sponsorship.

Any good stories to tell about your new job? You’re going to hear brilliant stories from strangers all the time.

How long have you been in Australia? For three years – and I love it.

Any tips for travellers considering your job in Australia? Try it out. If you have the right attitude and you’re a happy bright person then this is the right job for you.