Georgie Pearson
21, New Zealand

Hi Georgie, what job do you do?
I work in a retail fashion store in the inner-western suburbs of Sydney.

How did you land your job?
I spoke to a few travellers and locals with one telling me of the vacancy there and so I went for an interview but I would like to think though, that after it, I was hired on my own merit!

How’s the pay?
I’m on $18 per hour which is pretty good seeing as though retail often pays less than hospitality.

What are you planning to do with the money you earn from this job?
It’s going straight into the “travel” fund.

Do you have any memorable moments from your new job?
Well, last week I accidentally charged a customer’s American Express card for $640 instead of $64 and then the credit card machine decided to stop working so I couldn’t fix the problem! I don’t think they’ll be coming back anytime soon…

What are the good points about your job?
It’s so easy and the people are fantastic. Plus, 60 per cent staff discount is hard to beat.

And are there any bad points?
It can be hard to remember all the stock specifications etc and people get annoyed if you can’t give them an answer straight away. Also if it’s quiet, time can drag quite a bit.

What advice can you give to other travellers considering your job?
If you can speak English, smile, make conversation and you’re generally a personable person, then this job is for you. It’s a really easy way to make money while you’re travelling.

Why would you recommend your job to others?
At the risk of selling myself short, I would recommend it because you need minimum skills for above average pay.

What made you decide to come and work in Australia?
It really was a spontaneous decision. I decided I would go to Australia and then two weeks later, I was here. However, what really appealed was the bigger job market, universities and most importantly year-round sun!

Where have you travelled so far, and where are you heading next?
Brisbane, the Whitsundays and Sydney and I’m heading to Melbourne on Sunday for a week.