Hey Terry. What was the last song you listened to on your MP3 player?
It was a CD my dad sent me, of Scottish bagpipes, which I put on my iPod.

What is the last book you read?
Black and Blue, about a Chelsea player called Paul Canoville. He was the first black player to play for them.

And your favourite film this year?
Was Step Brothers this year? No? Then I’ll say Transformers 2.

Who did you support as a boy?
I’ve always supported Celtic, they’ve always been the team.

When did you first think you were going to be a professional footballer?
I’ve always wanted to be a professional footballer. When I was about 13 I got selected for Northern Ireland schoolboys. I got my first taste of a professional setup and continued to pursue it from there.

Was your spell at Margate your happiest in football?
I had a great time at Margate – there were a great bunch of boys there. But probably my happiest time was winning the Grand Final in the first year at Sydney. It was the first proper trophy I’d ever won in professional sport.

You’re a bit of a cult hero with the Cove, at Sydney, too…
I’m someone who’s living out a dream. I give 100 per cent every time I step on the pitch, because I know that any one of the people that are in the Cove would gladly take my spot and want to be a Sydney FC player. They’re a massive part of the club. I’m just one of the ones lucky enough to be able to call myself a player.

How did your move to Sydney FC come about?
My wife wanted to move back to Australia. I wrote a letter to all the A-League clubs asking for a trial and Sydney FC was the only club to reply to me.

Any problems with the Strayan language in the beginning?
I didn’t have a problem with the way Australians speak. But I think sometimes they had problems with the way I speak.

Have you surfed?
I’ve surfed the net a few times.

Seen much of Oz outside of football?
Australia’s a beautiful country – I’ve been lucky enough to travel around it a little bit. I got married on Hamilton Island [in the Whitsundays] which is a beautiful spot. But my favourite part of Australia is Margaret River in Western Australia.

Who’s your favourite Premier League player and why?
My favourite player of all time was Roy Keane, just for his passion, his energy and his work rate. I just liked the way he handled himself on and off the pitch.

Who’s your hardest A-League opponent?
We’ve always had tough battles with Adelaide over the years. In the first season we had a real battle with them for first and second spot. And they’ve always been up there.

So you miss anything from home?
Family. All my family still lives in Ireland so that would be the biggest thing I miss.