So why is temp work such a good option for travellers? As a visitor you are legally only able to work for a specified amount of time with any one company and this means that only contract or temp work is available to overseas candidates. This type of work is flexible and offers the opportunity to experience working for a number or companies within their field.

What kinds of jobs do you recruit for? We recruit for a broad range of positions including executive assistant/personal assistant positions, receptionists/switchboard operators, administrative assistants, customer service consultants, telemarketers, marketing and events roles as well as data entry positions.

What kind of people are you looking for? We are looking for people who are professional, reliable, possess excellent communication skills and who also have a positive can-do attitude.

What advice can you offer in regards to my CV? What makes a good one? A CV is extremely important! When an employer or consultant is considering suitable candidates it is the information contained in the CV that they base their decision on initially, to secure an interview. Make sure you include enough information for the reader to have a good understanding of your role and responsibilities.

Do you have any work for travellers without formal qualifications? Many of the roles we have available (such as personal assistant, data entry, administration, reception, customer service and telesales) are very skills-based and don’t require many formal qualifications.

How much money can I expect to earn? The money you earn will depend on your skills, experience and qualifications as well as the assignment you are placed in. Most administrative and general assignments will pay between $18 and $22 per hour.

How long are the work placements? Temp assignments can vary from a one day assignment to a longer-term assignment of up to six months in line with working holiday visa restrictions. Generally speaking, the average assignments would last about four weeks.

Will I be able to work in different parts of Australia once I register with your agency? We have offices in all the major cities and your details can be transferred and we can recommend you for work around Australia. It is important to be flexible when registering for temp work, although you may request where you prefer to travel to and work.

What should I expect from your agency? You’ll be joining an organisation that’s experienced in temporary and contract recruitment and management. We ensure a consultative approach with all of our candidates and provide an opportunity to develop your career. Thanks to Louise Hayes, Marketing & Advertising Manager at Command Recruitment Group. For more information, visit, or freephone 1300 NEWJOB.