Many of the people are practicing freelance work in order to earn a living while others are doing it in order to help students who may fail to understand classroom concepts. They do this by writing customs essays in a professional way and deliver to the students when they are in need. What students do is that they buy custom essay at a price they had specified earlier and thus present it to their lecturer. This is an easy way of doing your college assignments if you are engaged in some vital activities such as part-time work and other activities. As result freelance writers are heavily burdened with, many assignments thus should spare some time for a break by either travelling to a luxuries place for mind relaxation.

One of the great significance of becoming a freelancer is because you are location independent. You are in a position of deciding the best place to live in. You can either choose to move from Boston to San Diego due to the cold winters or rather, vacate to the Bay area. Freelancing gives you an opportunity of choosing the town, city, and even the country you want to live in which makes sense to most individuals. I doing so you can generally group the top five best cities for the freelance writers, which make you, get the best place to travel. You analysed critically the tax laws, cost of living, the weather, and the health conditions of the freelance community in order to come up with a range of lists. Below are top cities where freelance writers would tend to spend their holidays:

First is at San Diego, which is mostly admired by the US freelance writers. They like the perfect climate of the region, the gorgeous beaches, and the laid-back attitude. With the wide range of freelance community at San Diego, it has created a booming business of freelance work with many co-working spaces available. Actually, not only for freelance writers it is the best city to live in for all American citizens. When you are done with your daily workload, you can always grab a surfboard and go directly to the beach so that you can enjoy yourself. Since San Diego is among the major cities in California, it is costly, and San Diego residences are humorous since they say people have to pay for “sunshine taxes” while in the place. Even so, prices are reasonable compared with San Francisco. Below are some of the advantages of San Diego:

  • Sunshine all year
  • Breweries, fish tacos, and beaches
  • Freelancers convene

The other place that you can visit is the wonderful scenery in Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town has improved its infrastructure in order to provide a cool working environment for its freelancers. The city has a huge list of online job listings for the freelance positions and several volunteer opportunities that can significantly act as a compliment as you are working. Being strategically located near the ocean, the city acts as a stunning backdrop for you innovative endeavours. Additionally, it offers great inspiration from its blend of cultures and has 11 official languages spoken. For the people who like outdoor activities, you have an opportunity of climbing Cape Town’s looming Table Mountains, Signal Hills, and Lion’s head. Freelancers who are planning to stay at Cape Town for an extended period can freely apply for a temporary residence and work visa at Cape Town.

Working in a comfortable environment is an essential characteristic to consider as a worker. When you are working in a comfortable environment you will have the chance of thinking properly, which will increase you working rate. When you are productive, money will be the results. Moreover, working comfortably enables you to have a clear mindset, which in the end will not offer you challenge in your personal life. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable, you will always carry the workload tension at home thus significantly affecting your daily life. An awesome working environment enables you have great contributions by being able to offer quality work and this will improve your career at your workplace and definitely make you earn high salaries.

As I was writing the article, I had a chance of interviewing some freelance writers concerning the favorite places they have been to. One of them said that he has been to Cambodia. He really adored the shrines, weather, and the local residents of Cambodia. The food offered was quite delicious and what drew his attention were the intriguing richness and the uniqueness of the Cambodian cultural heritage. With the place comprising of park referred to as the Anglor Park that was near Siem Reap has quite interesting features.

On the other hand, another interview involved someone who traveled to Hawaii. She acknowledges that Hawaii is very beautiful with great number of poultry in the region. While in Hawaii, she went to Massachusetts where she was attracted by the cool climatic conditions of the regions, the humid air in the region, and the awesome texture of life in the place. The region was neighbored by a coastal region comprising of the Feng Shui coastal line, the clear water, and the cool winds from the sea. The region has enormous marine sunlight, which is a unique kind of sunlight in the place. Therefore, I find traveling to seaside areas fascinating unlike visiting mountain regions.

Generally, according to my way of thinking, I can acknowledge that all the above places visited by the freelancer are so fascinating. Nevertheless, regarding my taste and preference, I would prefer traveling off the mountain regions to the beaches due to a wide range of beautiful scenes you might not find at the beaches. In the mountain regions, there is the cool atmosphere with the sun shining bright making it cool for a freelancer to perform their work efficiently. In fact, freelancers will be very relaxing when they visit the mountain regions during the summer since the mountaineering periods offer full relaxation to people exercising freelance work.