My travelling started like everyone’s – landing in a new city with a few dollars to get by on until I found something to fund the next bounce… Over time my new mates and I have tried every job out there! From rubbish bar jobs for less than minimum wage, boring fruit picking and labouring and we’ve even tried au pairing and clinical drug trials – it was getting desperate and then I stumbled on IPG – International Paintball Group.

I never believed you could have so much fun, get to see so many amazing places, make so many great friends and earn great cash along the way! My first year with IPG has been life changing and I can’t wait to start my next adventure with the team and mates.

With live-in opportunities in over 25 cities across 10 countries from Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK, across Canada, Australia and New Zealand and all the craziness that comes with high energy adventure sports promotions IPG is so much more than just a ‘filler job’ while planning our next international moves and amazing experiences.

My mates, at home, can’t believe the things I’ve done or where I’ve been and seen with the IPG crew:

Comic Con’s – SEXpo’s – Uni Freshers weeks – Airshows – Classic Car & Motor Shows – Sporting events – Festivals – County Shows

And that’s just when we’re working!

The team makes work and having a blast as big as possible!

We’ve run with the bulls in Pamplona, partied for King’s Day in Amsterdam, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, skied in Edmonton, watched the Northern Lights in Sweden, rolled dice in Las Vegas, eaten dinner in Auckland’s Sky Tower, watched the Blue Jays, Raptors, Manchester United, Ajax, the Ashes and tennis at Wimbledon – all with an ever growing group of friends from every corner of the world.

As we approach the summer the team is looking to grow and this is your opportunity to get involved; earn and learn, make awesome mates and see some of the most amazing parts of the world!!!!

Hit us up on our Facebook page – ipgrecruitment or call Terence on 07808 235 024 for more info