Once you discover the world of business-class flights, your life will change. They offer unique experiences from priority check-ins to Michelin-star dishes and luxury care products. But the fees are quite high, so many travellers are looking for ways to get discounts on the best seats. With our guide, you’ll easily find cheap business class flights to Paris, London, Berlin, and any other destination across the world.

  1. Use a proper search engine

The first and probably the most important secret is to know what search engine to use. Without it, you are doomed to surf one website after another, juggling with dates and timetables. It is extremely convenient to have everything collected in one place – airlines, destinations, dates, seat types, luggage items, and so on.

To use this trick, indicate your route, preferred date, and expected seat class. Tick the box with flexible dates if the time allows and your chances of getting a discount will get higher. The search engine will then provide you with a list of available options. Another life hack is to use virtual private networks (VPNs) to surpass location targeting and cookie monitoring.

  1. Collect air miles

Another piece of advice on getting business class discounts is to use air miles. Just imagine, frequent travellers even get the best seats absolutely for free! To use this trick, register at an airline’s website (or several of them) and participate in its loyalty scheme by accumulating air miles during each flight. To go even further, you can open a debit/credit card with air miles and they will be automatically collected during each transaction whether at a supermarket or gas station. Usually, such cards don’t have any annual fees and regular payments will help you accumulate air miles rather quickly.

If the number of miles doesn’t allow getting tickets for free, we recommend using them to upgrade to business class instead of buying a regular economy seat.

  1. Set price-drop notifications

There are thousands or even millions of travellers who are constantly searching for the best seats and discounts. That is why when an airline launches a special deal or price drop, the competition is rather tense. To get an attractive discount, act rather quickly. We recommend getting notified every time the price drops. Most flight websites have this feature and after activating it, you will receive an email or text message at any time of the day. Such notifications can also inform travellers about the best prices, new destinations, and other travel hacks.

  1. Take part in upgrade auctions

Many airlines have so-called upgrade auctions which give an opportunity to advance your seats a few days before the date. Participants receive an email with an offer to make a bid on a business class ticket. The higher your offer is, the bigger your chances to take the best seat are. This trick doesn’t require any membership or travel miles, so even those who don’t fly often can participate.

  1. Be flexible in timing

You probably know that there are high and low seasons, months, and even days. For example, summer and winter holidays, Easter, and Independence Day. During this time, people visit their relatives, go to the beach, or simply explore new destinations while their kids have time off from school. Thus, the chances of getting cheaper business-class seats are rather low.

But everything can change if you allow yourself certain flexibility. If you shift the dates only one or two days earlier or later, you might save hundreds of dollars! Travel search engines often have colour calendars where visitors can find less crowded periods and get the most attractive deals.

  1. Ask for upgrades at the airport

This tip is perfect for those who already have an economy class ticket but don’t mind changing it to business class. When airlines don’t sell out all elite seats during email alerts and auctions, they might do it at check-ins. Sometimes, you might hear announcements from loudspeakers or information desks. But it won’t be redundant to ask airline agents because usually there are always several vacant seats for a small fee. Don’t be shy because it is in your best interest to travel in a spacious business class seat with a glass of champagne instead of a crowded and noisy economy class.

Final thoughts

It is a common misconception that business class is only for the rich and famous. Yes, ticket prices are more expensive compared to the economy class but it doesn’t mean that you can’t save some money when using our tips and tricks. If you have anything to add, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and share your experience with us. Have an unforgettable flight in business class!