If sitting round with the family, eating dry turkey and playing shit games like charades is your idea of hell, then we can show you some great alternatives to escape

Now don’t get me wrong we love Christmas, but it tends to follow the same pattern every year; turkey, Queen’s speech, mince pies and grandma snoring in her chair. And don’t get me started on the drunkard fall outs between relatives just wanting to be heard.

If you fancy doing something a little different at this time of year take a look at our Alternative to Christmas holiday guide:

Explore Bali and Java

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Free your spiritual side against a backdrop of stunning beaches and jungles in Bali and Java. Travel by cycle-rickshaw to local markets and the Sultan’s Palace in Yogyakarta. Find your inner peace at ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples. Take high tea at the Mangkunegaran Palace and stroll the coastline of the unforgettable beaches in Sanur. Discover the perfect blend of beauty and Buddhist zen in this incredible corner of the world.

Laos and Thailand

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Starting in bustling Bangkok and travelling through Northern Thailand we visit ancient ruins, colourful night markets, local tribes nestled high in the hills and intricate temples. Crossing into Laos, we meet the friendly locals as we donate alms to the monks, pass lush green paddyfields and explore French colonial cities.

Thailand Encounters

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Join us on this 12-day tour as we explore the capital Bangkok, discover the historical sites of Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya before heading to the mountains to enjoy a 3-day hill-tribe trek, elephant ride and bamboo rafting adventure in the forested hills around Chiang Mai.

Northern Winter Tracks

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Think of the stereotypical winter image. Likely there’ll be snow, a glowing fireplace, a hot drink and fairy-tale castles. Perhaps there’ll also be an ice rink, skiing, and big bustling markets. Are we right? Well if that’s your winter stereotype, then this is your chance to live it. Visit the biggest and best winter cities in Europe. Avoid queues and peak season prices. You can jump into outdoor thermal baths in Budapest, drink in the grand beerhalls of Munich and ski in the Austrian Alps. It won’t take you long to realise that stereotypes are sometimes the best.

Eastern Festive Trek (Prague to Krakow)

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We put this trek together to bring friends and travelling orphans together over the festive period. You will eat and drink well on this trip! Start your Eastern Europe festive experience in stunning Prague, spend Christmas in sumptuous Vienna and go clubbing in uber-cool Krakow on New Year’s Eve. Our original Festive Trek was so popular; this is the itinerary in reverse but just as brilliant an experience. Both treks meet in Budapest on Boxing Day for the party to end all parties!

Alpine Festive Trek

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Berlin, Germany, New Year eve…

Brace yourself for a magical festive escapade through the heart of Europe that will leave you stunned, enthralled and more than a little excited. This is a journey through some of the continent’s most iconic cities – Paris, Munich and Prague but we literally take you to the heights of Europe in the Swiss Alps. All combined with the biggest party season of the year, it’s enough to give you goose bumps just thinking about it…

Paris and Amsterdam Festive Trek

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Amsterdam in winter in the Netherlands

This festive spectacular is a stunner. Do Christmas in style in the City of Lights – admire the view from the Eiffel Tower, be awe-struck at the Palace of Versailles or simply sip coffee whilst watching the Parisians glide by. Next, we explore the Christmas markets in fairytale Bruges then we hit the party capital itself – Amsterdam! The biggest party is in the streets and we’ll be there with the locals to see in the New Year – Dutch style!