If your sunglasses have seen better days, they’re damaged or you just feel like a change, then purchasing a new pair of shades should be your next step. EyeBuyDirect has a stunning range of women’s sunglasses, click the link to view their latest styles. However, before you purchase your next pair of sunglasses, it’s important that you’re not just taking style and shape into consideration, but how they make you feel and if you’re getting the UVB protection you need from your lenses.

To give you some confidence, read on to discover the factors to keep in mind when buying new sunglasses. 

100% UV protection

Your eyes and your vision are precious, and we should be actively trying to preserve them. Unfortunately, we don’t usually consider the importance of our vision or the fragility of our eyes until something goes wrong. But when you make purchasing sunglasses with strong UV protection, you’ll be taking the steps necessary to protect your eyes from the sun every time you head outdoors. Make sure you check the details of the sunglasses you’re purchasing to ensure they have the protection you need, as not all sunglasses come with UV protection as standard.

They need to block the light

In order to protect your vision and preserve your eye health, the lenses of your chosen sunglasses should be dark. This ensures that they’re blocking enough light from the sun to give you the protection you want. Look for an indication that tells you how much light they block, a range of 75-90% is suitable. Alternatively, if you can see your eyes through the lenses of your sunglasses, they’re probably not blocking enough.

Remember – the bigger, the better

When it comes to sunglasses, size really does matter. The bigger your shades, the more protection and coverage you’ll have. Therefore, oversized options are a great choice, to minimise the number of UV rays that are entering your eyes. Remember that bigger, oversized designs don’t mean that they should fall from your face or move when you move. Even oversized sunglasses should fit you well and be comfortable and practical.

Don’t worry about your budget

It’s easy to think that you’ll only get the protection you need from expensive sunglasses, but that’s simply not the case. Even moderately priced sunglasses can have the UVB protection and the style you need for a fraction of the cost. Don’t be pushed into making an expensive choice when you don’t need to.

And finally, your personal style

While protection is an important factor, searching online for your sunglasses means you can have all the features you want, but with the style that suits you best.