The gambling industry in various countries has recorded a consistency in growth in revenue, with Canada being among the leading countries. It generates around $16 billion in revenue annually, making it among the best performing gambling industries globally.

Some of the reasons for the growth are the kind of gaming venues players go to. Are they beautiful as the players expect? There has been a controversy and lots of comparisons between the beautiful casinos in Ottawa and London.

Therefore, we linked with one of our experts Kevin Cochran (view profile here), to elaborate on the best among the two through this casino comparison.

Which are some of the beautiful casinos in Ottawa?

Hotel et Pavilions

Being in Quebec City makes it one of the amazing casinos that anyone who has visited the place would reconsider for a second time. It has a Spa surrounded by a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It also has golf courses and two condo rooms.

It not only has one casino but also near to the famous Casino de Charlevoix, which also has other fantastic facilities just for you. You will find amazing games at the casino that will make your stay at the Hotel et Pavilions memorable.

It also allows its visitors to access other online platforms as you enjoy free internet. You can relax on the lounges as you sip your favorite drink and browse through sites that offer bingo Canada, in case you get exhausted with land-based gaming. 

Rideau Carleton Raceway

It’s among the facilities where you can enjoy horse racing and make your bets just to make your moment memorable and exciting. It’s among the unique facilities you will visit and there are plenty of casino games waiting for you.

You will find about 1250 slot games to enjoy 24/7. Racing at Rideau Carleton Raceway mostly happens on Sundays and Thursdays to give adequate time to enjoy the attraction site in the city.

Some of the best places you will see include the flea market and state-of-the-art bingo. The casino is also known for hosting top celebrity appearances.

Casino du Lac Leamy

Initially, Casino du Lac Leamy could not rank highly as it is today. However, the story is different today after the $50 million renovation. It’s currently among the best casinos that Canada offers to game enthusiasts.

It prides itself on having over 1800 slot machines, making it rank among the top casinos in Canada. You will also find blackjack and roulette tables. This casino in Ottawa has award-winning restaurants and hotels, thus allowing it to host a fireworks competition. It is one of the most luxurious resorts in Canada.

Top casinos in London

Mayfair Hotel, Mayfair

Visiting the Mayfair Hotel in London will make you have a memorable moment based on its elegance. It has some top amenities such as a private cinema screening, state-of-the-art gymnasium, and opulent spa.

The Palm Beach Casino is in the hotel’s former  Grand Art Deco Ballroom and features one of the largest gaming rooms in London. The casino is open to all guests looking for top games such as Roulette and three-card poker.

Amba Hotel, Marble Arch

If you are in Oxford street, you will only have to walk a few minutes to the hotel. It offers accommodation facilities that are suitable for both leisure and businesses. There are also dozens of landmarks a few meters from the hotel that will make your stay in London enjoyable.

It has lavish rooms and also offers delicious streaks for the visitors. Even though Amba Hotel Arch does not have its Casino, you will only require to walk a few meters to reach the famous Sportsman casino in London.

Which is more beautiful?

As you can see from the above list, both the Canadian casinos and London have some of the best facilities that gamers are looking for. However, you will want to know the ones that will make your moment memorable.