The important question is, what will you work on? The payment, hours, flexibility, perks, career affinity, certification, and so on – you might have a dozen or two things on your mind when sorting through temp work gigs in London.

That is why we have put together a list of work options that are very flexible. You can go as high and as low as you wish in terms of payout, work, hours, and more. Apart from that, these types of work also help you build skills that are future-proof and highly relevant in the modern world.

Who knows, maybe you can also make a career in one of these.

Technology Contract Roles

The IT industry is ever-booming. It is looking for new candidates. Temp IT jobs are easy to find and apply to. Make sure you sign a contract first outlining exactly what your job will be, what the tenure is, and so on.

Technology contract roles can include low-complexity jobs as well as high-complexity jobs. In most cases, a short training will suffice to make sure you understand the ins and outs of the gig.

If you already have some experience in a particular IT, internet, or computer-related field, then it’s really great to brush up your skills while making some side income. Some of these fields might be:

1. Web design
2. Web development
3. Programming
4. Software development
5. Cloud computing
6. Network engineering
7. Network security
8. Server management

Freelance Digital Marketing

freelance digital marketing is a great short and long term job.

Becoming a freelancer is being your own boss. But which field do you choose? Most fields have pretty strict caps. Not everyone can succeed in freelancing for these hot roles:

– A freelance graphic designer needs to have creativity, software skills, and preferably a design degree.

– Freelance content writers need experience, work samples, and a knack for understanding more than just English, such as SEO and keywords. Writing for the web while adhering to strict guidelines can be more than just writing.

– Freelancer audio and video professionals, programmers, and other technicians need a great deal of experience to even get listed on most freelancing platforms.

On the other hand lies digital marketing, which is relatively easier to get started on. In the words of Samuel Adams, the managing director of the digital marketing brand Promo Leads, “You don’t need a degree. You do not need loads of experience. All you need is to understand social media and user behavior when you want to work as a digital marketer.”

While you are in London, look for digital marketer temp roles. Register yourself as a freelance digital marketer and get started on your journey. This is a relatively easy field to learn, and it can be very lucrative.

The digital campaigning brand Promo Leads has made it extremely easy for newcomers to get into digital marketing. Just check out their resources and you will be good to go in no time.

Business Temp Jobs

Business temp jobs can range from interim HR roles to lighter, merely helpful positions. The pay is not a lot here, but you can pick up a skill or two while doing a business temp job.

It can additionally include working as a business support temp. Business support temps are responsible for providing solutions to problems that the consumers of a product or service have.

Most probably, you will be given scripts to adhere to. Troubleshooting is a great way to earn some pocket money while in London temporarily. It also makes you feel good when you help someone else.

Another type of business support position is an IT helpdesk associate position. This is for people more inclined towards IT-related products and services.

Personal Assistant Jobs

There is always a demand for personal assistant jobs

Personal assistants or PAs are always in demand. One of the most lucrative London temp gigs, being a PA to someone important in any industry can not only help you get a decent payout but also learn about the industry and its working from the inside.

This is always a valuable position, and you can make a career out of assistance pretty quickly.