There are many benefits to using Airport Taxis instead of Airport Parking. Airport parking can be expensive and a hassle, especially when using shuttles backwards and forth from the terminal.

Airport Taxis will save you that hassle by picking you up directly from your home or hotel to drop you off right outside your terminal. That being said, there are also a range of additional benefits that could make an airport taxi a much more suitable option to get you to the airport, so read on to find out more reasons why airport taxis are better than paying for airport parking.

Airport Taxis Are More Affordable

airport taxis can be more affordable than airport parking. One of the reasons for this is that airport parking costs depend on the duration of your stay, whereas airport taxis will only charge you for the inbound and outbound fare. In many cases this can work out considerably cheaper than paying for airport parking.

You Are Not Restricted to a Time When Using An Airport Taxi

Airport taxis are flexible and can be booked for any time of the day. Airport parking on the other hand has 15-30 minute shuttles which can vary depending on the time of day. This can prove to be a problem if you are in a rush.

Airport taxi drivers have no set schedule which means It is important to book your airport taxi in advance. This planning means the taxi can pick you up at the time and location that is convenient for you and make sure that you get to the airport on time.

You Are Not Restricted to a Location When Using An Airport Taxi

Airport parking is allocated a specific drop off/pick up point which could end up being a long walk to and from the airport with all your luggage. This is where an airport taxi can be really helpful as the pick up points in airports are often just outside the main entrance. This means you won’t have the inconvenience of dragging your luggage on a bus/ shuttle and then hauling it across a carpark while you try to find your vehicle.

Airport Taxis Are Comfortable

Taxis are more comfortable than airport shuttles. The shuttles themselves can be uncomfortable, crowded and sometimes rather stressful. This may not be a big issue for solo travellers, but if you have a family and multiple sets of luggage to worry about then an airport taxi service can save a lot of hassle.

Airport taxis on the other hand will pick you up when you are ready, so there will be no waiting in the cold. The taxi will be heated/ air conditioned and you can relax without having to drive in the early morning before a flight, or after sitting on a plane for long periods of time. Airport taxis also offer additional comfort with a partition between the driver and the passenger, providing you with that extra bit of privacy.

Airport Taxi’s Offer Additional Security

There are many examples of people leaving their cars in a secure airport car park only to find that there has been some security breach and the car has been damaged, broken into or even stolen. Not only that but leaving a vehicle dormant in a car park over winter could lead to dead batteries, which would be a major inconvenience to sort out at 5am when you have just got off a long haul flight.

Start and Finish Your Holiday off The Right Way

As we have outlined there are many benefits in choosing an airport taxi over airport parking. Why not start your holiday off the right way by using an Airport Taxi to get you to the airport and avoid paying for costly parking. Airport taxi drivers are trained professionals, they know how busy airports can be and will ensure that you reach your location in a timely manner, hassle free.

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